Maternity Wear Brands for the New Moms and Moms-To-Be

With on growing fashion, there are outfits for every occasion and every body type! But there’s one certain category of people who often have to struggle to find clothes that fit. These are the stunning moms-to-be and new moms who have to adjust with weirdly-fitted clothes. But finally, there are Indian brands that have come with exclusive maternity wear. These maternity wear brands are exclusively crafted for the modern pregnant woman. Above all, they have a range of classy maternity outfits that are comfortable on the baby bump and have a style quotient.
Maternity Wear Brands for mom-to-be and new mom

Maternity Wear Brands:

MomToBe and New MomsMomToBe provides pocket-friendly and fashionable maternity outfits options. They have an edgy and stylish range that is well-fitted and comfortable. This maternity wear brand has dresses, kurtas to pants that are perfect for mom-to-be as well as new moms.
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H&M Maternity Wear
Pregnancy outfitsAlthough slightly on the higher side for the pocket, H&M has maternity wear that will make you fall in love! They have a range of chic styles from comfortable pants, jeans to dungarees and dresses. Also, they are all crafted for comfort!
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Morph Maternity

Morph Maternity BrandMorph has so many amazing styles and varieties that are essential for every mom-to-be and new mom. From feeding kurtas, leakage proof lingerie to dresses and tops for the moms-to-be. Morph maternity has it all at a great prize and every striking discount offers.
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Momzjoy Maternity Wear
Momzjoy Mom-to-beMomzjoy is immensely loved by celebrities like Soha Ali Khan, Sania Mirza and many more. They have a range of gowns, flowy dresses exclusive for maternity photo-shoots as well. Momzjoy has a range that is comfortable, relaxing yet stylish to keep your fashion in check.
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Mine4nine Pregnancy outfitsA hot favorite amongst the mom-to-be and new moms – Mine4nine is more like a stylish blessing for them! The easy-breezy and stylish maternity wear that this brand has, is beyond imagination. Stylish prints, patterns, and silhouettes that are chic are all that this brand stands for.
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Momsoon Maternity Wear

Momsoon Pregnancy outfitsMomsoon is yet another brand that ensures you stay stylish even when you are expecting! With a wide range of skirts, jogger pants, dresses, and even maternity stockings – Momsoon has it all. And it is surely a maternity brand with style quotient!
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FirstCry Maternity Wear BrandFirstCry is popular with kids’ wear as well as for its variety of maternity wear! So, if you are a new mom, shop for both yourself and your little kiddo from FirstCry. From nightwear, feeding dresses to stylish outfits – they have it all!
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The Mom Store
The Mom Store Maternity Wear Brands mom-to-beIf you are a new mom looking for comfy regular wear pieces like tank tops and denim jeans – Mom Store is your place! They have everything under the same roof. From maternity jeans to nightwear, tops, and cute dresses. So, the Mom Store is worth checking out!
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These are some maternity wear brands that are worth checking out! Because – why should you compromise on your style if you are pregnant? Be the stylishly slaying mom even when you are pregnant or a new mom.
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