Things To Have In A Dream Saree Closet!

Every woman dreams of having a saree closet that all her friends would envy. Especially we south Indian women love to buy, wear and flaunt our six yards of wonder. Saree comes in many types, textures and even shapes. So, owning one or two of them will not make you a pro in sarees. You need to have all the basics to complete your saree closet.

saree closetSo, here are some essential pieces that you ought to have to complete your dream saree closet –

Something Easy To Wear

Like with any other outfits, you got to have one easy to wear saree. A go-to saree that you can drape in seconds is a must have. This will be your savior during emergencies. Usually plain and simple Georgette or chiffons are very easy to wear and carry.

easy to wear sareeSomething Traditional

Saree itself is a traditional wear, but traditional sarees like Banarasi silk or Chanderi silk not just are ethnic but also look good. They display our culture and our traditions too. Also, the ethnic sarees look beautiful when worn at any event.

a traditional sareeSomething Black and Something White

The Yin and the Yan, you got to have them both. They are the most basic of the colors. A plain black saree and a white one are the elementary requisites in any saree closet. Also, they are the most photogenic ones to be honest. You will look damn good in a plain black or a plain white saree.

Something Fancy

For the parties and events, you got to own some fancy sarees. They are sequined, glittery and fun. They will make you look younger and more beautiful. Fancy sarees are a rage at cocktail parties and dinners. You can style these sarees as you please to suit your modern look.

Something in Trend

The trends in the saree industry keep changing just like in any fashion sector. So, own something that is a rage today. For example frilly and ruffle sarees are in fashion these days, you can buy one of them. The saree with belts are also cool, so get a couple of them too. Make sure you wear them before the trend fades.

frill saree

saree beltAn Heirloom Piece

Every woman needs to have an heirloom saree, the one passed down to her from her grandmother, mother or in-laws. This saree is a symbol of pride and relationships. It is also going to be an expensive piece because all old sarees are precious in their style and make. So, preserve that memorable saree with great care.

heirloom sareesKanchi Pattu

Is a saree closet ever complete without a pattu saree? A pattu saree is something that you must have in your closet to complete its existence. Kanchi pattu sarees are traditional, lovable and pure grace. You can wear them to just about any event and look stunning.

kanchi silk sareeSo, these are the types of sarees that you must have in your saree closet.


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