7 Common Mistakes To Avoid While Wearing Indian Outfits!

We all love our Dresses, shorts and ripped jeans but ultimately all of us are desi girls at heart, aren’t we? Indian outfits hold a special place in every Indian girl’s wardrobe. Every girl has tried on her mom’s saree or dupattas while playing dress-up at some point in her childhood. It is the enigma of Indian wear and just how beautiful these outfits make a girl look.

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Also, we have so many occasions here where we get a chance to flaunt our Indian outfits. Be it a simple puja at home, weddings, festivals or just on an everyday basis!! Whether its a saree, lehenga or a salwar suit, all look beautiful on Indian women. But just like everything else, one needs to be careful while wearing and buying Indian wear too. There are a few things that should be kept in mind because these can make or break your look.

Keep these important tips in mind and make sure to not make these mistakes while wearing Indian Outfits..

7 Common Mistakes To Avoid While Wearing Indian Outfits:

1. Too many embellishments

mistakes to avoid when wearing indian clothes

Indian wear does not mean you have to always go for heavily embroidered pieces!! Avoid any kind of bling if you are wearing ethnic outfits during the day or to work/college. Go for simple printed or solid pieces in bright and soothing colors. Even when attending a wedding, try to steer clear of fabrics with too much stonework. Go for elegant and classy embroidered fabrics.

2. Ill-Fitting Clothes

mistakes to avoid when wearing indian clothes

No matter what, do not commit this cardinal sin of fashion even when you are wearing Indian wear. Make sure that you buy the correct size while shopping for Indian wear be it online or offline. The clothes should neither be too tight nor too loose if you want to look your best!! Fitting is very crucial when it comes to Indian outfits. If there are minor issues, get your kurti or blouse altered by the local tailor. In case of cotton salwar suits, get a size bigger as they tend to shrink.

3. Fabric Matters

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The choice of fabric matters a lot when it comes to Indian wear. Heavy fabrics like brocade or silk are more suitable for winters while chiffon and linen for summers. The wrong choice of fabric can lead to extreme discomfort.

4. Not keeping in mind the time of the day

You must keep in mind what time of the day will you be wearing the outfit while choosing the color. Save the dark or too bright colors for the night and go for subtle and pastel colors during the day. Some colors can be too hurting for the eyes during the day.

5. The wrong footwear

mistakes to avoid when wearing indian clothes

Do not forget your feet while you are planning your look with Indian outfits. Make sure to choose footwear that goes well with ethnic outfits. Go for juttis, kohapuris, nude pumps or gold/silver heels when wearing ethnic outfits. You cannot wear sports shoes with a salwar kurta.

6. Choosing the wrong blouse sleeves

You must be careful while choosing the kind of sleeves you want for your saree blouse. It is very important to keep in mind ones body type while doing so. A person with broad shoulders should avoid puffy sleeves. Also, make sure the sleeves are well-fitted and not too loose.

7. Over Accessorizing 

mistakes to avoid when wearing indian clothes

If your outfit is heavy with embroidery and sequins and you wear more jewelry, it will just look overdone.  Never make the mistake of over accessorizing your Indian outfits instead focus on one piece at a time. either go for a statement necklace or statement earrings never both together unless it is your wedding day.

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