Fashion Trends Types Of Silk Sarees That Every Woman Must Have In Her Wardrobe!

Types Of Silk Sarees That Every Woman Must Have In Her Wardrobe!

There are many types of silk Sarees out because a silk Saree is not just a five-yard of cloth; it is more than that and it is the soul of our convention and culture.  We all can find a beloved silk Saree from a grandma to a young woman’s closet. Either it is a luxurious party or a simple occasion, we all love to go with a silk Saree. Each State in India has a specific specialty of silk Saree and all the types of silk sarees are preferred by the women across the nation.

types of silk sarees every woman must have

1. Kanjeevaram Silk Saree

musta have silk saree types

Kanjeevaram Sarees are the pride of Tamilnadu because they are exceptionally fine-looking. The appearance of the Saree is adored for its bright, pulsating colors and the gracious contrast borders. We can have a temple, florals, checks even the depictions of the scenes from the epics Ramayana and Mahabharata on the borders and are the perfect outfit choice when a woman looks for an elegant ethnic option. This type of silk Saree is mostly preferred by women across the world.

2. Banarasi Silk Saree

must have types of silk sarees banarasi silk

Banarasi Sarees come from Varanasi, the holy city of India. The Sarees are one of the finest silk Sarees all over the country. These Sarees have Mughal motifs, elaborate designs and gold, and silver brocades will not fail to grab the attention of the women out. Banarasi Sarees are a must have in every woman’s wardrobe.

3. Raw Silk Saree

raw silk saree

Raw silk looks plain and simple with a contrast border; it is made of the natural form of silk. The fabric is a little firm and less glossy compared to other sarees. But the unique feature of the saree is that it can be worn easily. The saree is available in many shades. So, a woman can pick a shade on her choice and can glam up her fashion quotient.

4. Patola Silk Saree

Patola comes from Gujarat, which is the most expensive silk saree. They are available in stunning color combinations and geometrical shapes. The meticulously designed patola sarees do not have a reverse side. The sarees add more grace to the woman who wears.

5. Mysore Silk Saree

mysore silk saree

As the name is apparent, these Sarees are from Mysore and are very popular for their long lasting shine and sturdiness. They come with non-crush quality using natural pigments. The attractive motifs of birds and fruits on these sarees make them look gorgeous. Simple yet stylish, this Saree will make a way in everyone’s wardrobe.

6. Tussar Silk Saree

tussar saree

Tussar silk comes from West Bengal which is promising and very soft in texture. The dazzling designs and the natural motifs are the striking quality in these sarees. They are available in brilliant colors and designs.

7. Chanderi Silk Saree

chanderi sarees

The attractive Chanderi Sarees come from Madhya Pradesh which is enormously light and easy-to-wear. The designs of Chanderi Sarees are usually peacocks, temples, even coins, geometric and floral. A statement jewel definitely goes well with this saree for a woman who deliberately wants to look dazzling.

8. Dharmavaram Silk Saree


This conventional silk Saree is from Andhra Pradesh and the brides in India feel that this saree is the most essential for them. They have a shaded pallu with a colorful border. The excellent motifs enhance the gold weave. The Dharmavaram saree portrays the tradition through the motifs such as elephants or peacocks and the temple designs.

9. Konrad Silk Saree

Konrad silk Sarees were primarily for the deities so these temple sarees have a special place in Tamilnadu. The shades of the sarees are mostly in grey, brown or beige. This type of silk  Saree has broad borders, the body of the saree has stripes and checks and regularly have motifs connected with weddings and sometimes have peacocks and elephants as a motif. The distinctive appearance of the saree sets it apart from other silk sarees.

10. Paithani Silk Saree

paithani sarees

The Paithani silk from Maharashtra signifying the spirit of the true Maharashtrian culture and display magnificence. This type of silk Saree has vivid shades like magenta, dark green, purple, peacock blue. The ‘Queen of silk Sarees’ have graceful golden borders with animals, birds and even Ajanta Ellora Caves designs so they certainly provide the ‘royal feel’ to women who wear them.


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