Top 10 Bridal Hairstyles You Can Rock On Your D-Day!

Who doesn’t love Indian weddings? The fun, chatter, food, dresses, glitter and colour are out of this world. Weddings are essentially fun-filled and spread cheer. The families take utmost care to see that nothing goes wrong. For the bride especially, she has to be an angel and be her happiest on the D-Day. From makeup to costume and hair, it should be well synchronized and designed.¬†One vital aspect of this process is hair styling. The bridal look has to be curated with the utmost attention to hair styling. Times have changed and trendy bridal hairstyles that accentuate and add definition to the look. Though buns and braids still rule the roost, the styles have changed.

indian bridal hairstyles for weddings

We know there are many bridal hairstyles to choose from, we have handpicked the best ones that suit all face shapes and hair lengths effectively making you look no less than a dream.

Top 10 South Indian Bridal Hairstyles:

1. Traditional Poola Jada

When it comes to looking like a regal, traditional bride, the long braid with flowers is the best match. We have seen many ways in which this age-old hairstyle is being experimented with. Brides can choose the pattern of flowers and motifs as per style.

pelli poola jada hairstyle

2. Layered Bun Style

This is an extremely elegant hairstyle which gives a waterfall effect. You can experiment it with a low bun or a side bun. It goes extremely well for medium length hair as you get the right bun size.
indian wedding flower hairstyles

3. Fishtail Braid with a twist

A simple way to style yourself would be a fishtail braid. They are easy to manage and add a lot of volume to hair. You can add tiny studs, flowers or jewels to make it look more stylish. It gives a great boho vibe and adds charm.

south indian wedding hairstyles
Bridal Hairstyles

south indian wedding hairstyles

4. Loose curls tied with embellishments

This hairstyle makes your hair look like a cascading waterfall. It is loosely curled and this adds volume if you have thin hair. You can add hair accessories or embellishments coordinated with the wedding attire to make heads turn.

indian wedding reception hairstyles
Bridal Hairstyles

indian wedding reception hairstyles

5. Spiral bun with flowers

A spiral bun adds ethnic and traditional vibe to your outfit. you can try it with middle or side parting while keeping a low bun at the center. You can add your favorite accessories or flowers to personalize it.

indian spiral bun with flowers
Bridal Hairstyles

6. Concentric bun with flowers/jewels

This is another traditional hairstyle that has seen advancements over time. Make a bun as you wish- low or high. Pick some flowers you love and wound it around the bun. You can also stick some flowers or embellished pins in the bun for a refined look.

indian gajra bun hairstyles
Bridal Hairstyles

7. Retro Twist High Bun

Brides these days choose to go retro. A high bun with a side parting and flowers makes for a perfect bridal hairstyle. You can go with a couple of roses or any flowers. This keeps the traditional nuances intact in a trendy way.
indian wedding hairstyles retro bun

8. Hair Bun Covered With Flowers

Flower power all the way with a simple bun covered with flowers. This makes for a great south Indian bridal hairstyle and looks elegant and dignified.

indian hair bun covered with flowersindian hair bun covered with flowers

9. High Puff With Bun Hairstyle

This is one easy to decode style. You should use a bouffant that adds volume and couple it with a low or high bun. You can even add flowers or hair accessories or use your jewellery to create a simple yet alluring look.

indian high puff bun hairstyle

10. Center Parted Twisted or Braided Bun

Choose this super cool bun as it gives off feminine vibes and looks very adorable. Also, it is extremely easy to carry and looks good with flowers too. All you have to do is part your hair, twist or braid as per choice and make a bun.

center parted twisted hairstyle indian

Indian bridal looks are incomplete without the perfect hairstyle. Do let us know what is your favorite bridal hairstyle in the comments.

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