Eight Lehenga Colors To Pick From If You Are A Blushing Bride!

The wedding season has once again begun, and as the New Year’s new bride, if you are going to wed this season, you got to choose your lehenga wisely. There are many colors in the market when it comes to lehengas. Almost all the colors have been done when it comes to bridal lehengas. So, to minimize your confusion, we have eight wonderful colors to choose from, if you are a bride to be.

hot bridal lehenga colorsHere are a few lehenga colors that will rock your wedding if you choose one of them –

Hot Red

The most sought after color when it comes to brides. It has been a staple for the brides and has never been out of fashion. So, if you are a bride who doesn’t like experimenting on your special day and want to play safe, red is your best bet. It is the most attractive color that you can wear on your wedding day. Moreover, red lehengas always make for good pictures.

red lehengaDelicate Mint Green

If you love to keep it simple and pleasant, mint green is a color you can think of. It is not very in-your-face like dark green or not too plain like white. It is in fact a color that will surely grab attention because it’s unique and not many brides have opted for it yet. Mint green is a color you can pick if you want to keep it classy.

mint green lehengaPleasant Off White

The most basic color, some brides still do prefer to wear white on their wedding. White lehengas look lavish though it’s a light color. So, if you want to make it look chic and neat, go for an off white lehenga. It will look like you are wearing a white gown for your wedding.

off white lehengaPretty Pink

Girls and their never ending love with pink. No matter how old you grow up, you still love pink. Don’t worry, you can wear pink on your wedding day and no one is going to judge you. In fact, pink lehengas are quite popular in the wedding circle.

pink lehengaRoyal Gold

What better event to wear gold than your own wedding? Look every bit of the goddess that you are by wearing a golden lehenga. A gold lehenga in itself is so lavish that you do not have to make any efforts to buy heavy jewels to go with it. Make sure you opt for a glossy golden shades of makeup.

golden lehengaPleasing Aquamarine Blue

If subtlety is what you are looking for, you can surely pick an aquamarine blue colored lehenga and wear it with some diamond accessories. You will make the most elegant bride in this combination. Make sure you keep the makeup minimal too. This is for brides who love simplicity and class.

aquamarine blue lehengaBright Beige

If pink seems too bright for you, you can opt for beige, a color that is gaining popularity these days. It goes well with any kind of jewels and makeup no matter how subtle or how loud you prefer. As the color is so flexible, you can wear it in any season and any kind of wedding.

beige lehengaUnique Black

There are some brides who are born rebels. They create a stir in whatever they do and their wedding outfit is no exception. If you are one such bride who wants to break all the rules, you can try wearing a black lehenga on your wedding. It is not a color that people usually wear at weddings, but many famous brides have given it a try and succeeded, so don’t worry. Lucky or not, one thing is sure that you will look stunning in a black lehenga.

black lehengaThese are some lehenga colors that you can choose from if you are a bride.

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