7 Black Blouses That You Must Have In Your Closet!

Black is one color that goes well with any color that you can imagine. A black blouse can be combined with any color of saree to look absolutely stunning. The contrast of black and all other colors light or dark, will be pleasant and acceptable. So, if you have a black blouse, consider your saree look sorted. There are many types of black blouses that you can have to match with various types of sarees.

various types of black blousesHere are seven types of black blouses that you should have in your closet –

Black Elbow Length Blouse

The elbow length blouse is a fashion these days. It is especially suited for women who have huge arms and short hands. The sleeves will cover up all the flab and make you look thinner. A black elbow length blouse can be matched with any type of saree of any possible color.

elbow length black blouseBlack Lace Blouse

A lace blouse is delicate and chic. You can style a chiffon saree with a black lace blouse. It will look absolutely perfect. The lace blouse is suited for transparent net or chiffon sarees. You can however decide the length of the sleeves of the blouses.

black lace blouseCollar Neck Black Blouse

If you have long slender neck, you can go for the collar neck black blouse. This blouse will go well with bright colored light weight sarees as it will provide the necessary contrast to the look. With the collared design, keep the sleeves shorter. It will make you look younger.

collar neck black blouseEmbellished Black Blouse

If you want to wear something heavy and shiny for a wedding, then you can have an embellished black blouse.

embellished black blouseFull Sleeves Black Blouse

If you are a slender type, you can opt for a black full sleeves blouse. This will go well with any silk or georgette sarees. A white colored saree or any light colored saree will be perfect with a full sleeved blouse.

full sleeves black blousePlain Black Blouse

A simple plain black blouse with short sleeves is a staple in every closet. It can be worn with just about any type of saree. A last minute savior, it blends with any look, accessories and hairstyles. It will look exceptionally beautiful when worn with a plain black saree too.

Sleeveless Black Blouse

A sleeveless black blouse is modern and can be worn with even kanchi pattu sarees. It will add the modern touch to even old, traditional drapes. Opt for pastel colors of sarees like pink, peach or cream.

sleeveless black blouse

sleeveless black blouseThese are some of the black saree blouses that you need to have in your wardrobe.

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