Tips To Wear One Statement Piece Of Jewellery With Indian Attire!

Gone are the days when you wore heaps of jewellery with your desi attire. People love to keep it simple these days. One statement piece, and they are done. So, what is a statement piece? When you are talking about jewellery, it is that one piece which is prominent and has the spot light going on it. When people come up to you, it is the first thing that they will notice. Needless to say, a statement piece is large and attention seeking. If you have large pieces of jewellery, here are some ways in which you can wear them as statement pieces –

statement pieces

Statement Earrings

Be it jhumkas or chandbalis, a pair of statement earrings are the best accessory that you can wear along with any Indian outfit. Large jhumkas and chandbalis go well with sarees, salwar suits, kurtis or any other Indian attire you may think of. Avoid wearing any other jewels like neck pieces or mang tika to keep the look simple, yet classy and desi.


Statement neck pieces are of many types. You can wear a choker that is large and sticks to your neck like a collar. It will look beautiful and turns the traditional game on. A choker is surely a statement piece as you need nothing else to go along with it.

chokerYou can also pick a long necklace that drops down far below your chest. A large, long necklace is traditional and can be worn with pattu sarees. If you are wearing an Indo-western attire, you can go for a contemporary design long chain that suits the look.

long necklaceShorter necklaces are much more sophisticated and are suitable for polished looks. If you have deep neck blouses, you can opt for short neckpieces that are large and make a statement.


Bangles are rarely used as statement pieces. Large bangles or one large bracelet truly can make a difference in the look. If you are someone who doesn’t like wearing too many bangles, you can go for one large bangle that is fancy and looks good with your attire.

statement banglesThese are some of the ways you can wear a statement piece of jewellery with your Indian attire.

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