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How to wear the nose pin that suits your face!

If you have not tried a nose pin then you most certainly must. Nose pins can entirely change your look in one second. You can become elegant from a plain looking girl by just wearing that nose pin. We see many actresses who wear nose pins not only on screen, but in real life too. It was a very essential piece of jewellery for women in older days. Today, it is no longer necessary, but can up your game if worn rightly.

To begin with, let us make it clear that not all types of nose pins will suit all kinds of women. Each one should opt for a nose pin or a ring according to their face and facial features. So, let us see what nose pin suits what face.


different types of nose ringsHere are the types of nose pins that you can try according to your face –

1. Nose Studs

Small nose studs look good on any face, no matter what the shape of the face is. If you have a broader nose, you can opt for a large nose stud that probably has a stone or enamel. If you are someone looking for an edgy look, you can always try new, funky shapes and sizes of the nose pins. These nose studs usually go well with any kind of outfits be it Indian or western. If you want to wear a nose pin on daily basis, opt for a small diamond one.

diamond studs

nose studs

large studs2. Hoops

If you have long and sharp nose, you can try out hoop nose rings. Hoops again are found in various varieties. They vary from small, simple and plain hoops to large ones that are bejeweled. While the simple ones can be worn with your kurtis, tunics and tops, the larger ones call for occasional outfits like saree or lehengas.

nose hoopsnose hoops3. Bali

Balis are for women with prominent nose. They can be simple three stoned balis or the larger ones that the brides wear at weddings, you must have a large nose to withstand its weight or give it support. So, these are generally preferred for special occasions like weddings, festivals and celebrations. One better thing about some of the balis are that they can be worn even without any piercing.

large balislarge balis4. Septum Ring

Septum rings are for women who want to stand out in a crowd. They are unique and sometimes over the top too. You get simple septum rings that are not very attention seeking, while you also get some with stones, enamel or diamonds. Pick your choice. If you want to have a Gothic or a hippie look, then go for this option. And as they are clip ons, they do not need piercing.

septum ringseptum ringThese are some of the types of nose rings and the faces that they will perfect on.



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