5 Amazing Outfit Ideas for Muslim Wedding Guests!

Each religion brings with it its own culture and traditions. Just like the Hindu weddings are celebrated with lots of pomp and glory, the Muslim weddings too are celebrated with lots of grandeur. There are colors, there is gold, there is bling and there is shine. In short, there is everything to make it a grand event. If you are attending a wedding of a Muslim friend of yours and do not know what to wear, read on as we tell you the best outfits to wear for a Muslim wedding..

outfits for muslim wedding guestsThese are 5 amazing outfits that you can wear for a Muslim wedding –

1. Go Green

Green is considered a very auspicious color by the Muslim, especially during weddings. Hence, it is the most apt color to wear to any Muslim wedding. You can wear a green salwar suit with some golden work on it. Team it with large golden earrings and dewy makeup. You will look every bit of a perfect Muslim wedding guest.

keerthi suresh in green anarkali suit2. Bring On the Bling

What is a wedding without some bling? Any wedding in India of any religion is incomplete without the shine and the shimmer. So, wear clothes that are blingy because it is perfectly okay. Bring out those golden work and heavy embellishment lehengas. Team them with soft makeup, antique jewels and you are ready to rock the wedding.

blingy lehenga

anarkali suit3. The Silk Route

Silk is the most loved fabric in India. It is especially preferred at auspicious events like weddings. You can wear a traditional silk lehenga with a simple dupatta. The silk lehenga usually has gold or silver motifs all over making the outfit a grand affair. Go for glossy makeup and golden jewellery.

traditional silk lehenga

modern lehenga4. Cream de la Cream

A flowing cream colored anarakali suit will be a perfect outfit for a Muslim wedding reception held in the evening. It will stand out in the crowd and is also not too gaudy. A cream outfit looks simple, yet attracts the necessary attention. If you wear simple silver accessories with it, you will look stunning.

kurti lehenga5. Let It Flow

If you are attending a conservative Muslim wedding, you can opt for a flowing maxi gown with a long jacket over it. This is a perfect conservative outfit for such events. Make sure that the maxi gown is simple and plain while the jacket adds color and design to the entire outfit.

maxi dress with long jacketThese are some of the perfect outfit ideas for a Muslim wedding.

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