Fashion Trends 7 Easy Professional Hairstyles for Working Women!

7 Easy Professional Hairstyles for Working Women!

One common problem that all working women face is wearing the same boring hairstyles every day to work. They hardly find any easy hairstyles that can be made in a few minutes. Also, the hairstyle has to look strictly professional giving only business vibes. For all such women who find it difficult to wear a new hairstyle every day to work, here are some interesting professional hairstyles suggestions.

hairstyles for workplaceThese are the 7 easy professional hairstyles for working women –

1. The Top Knot

The top knot is an ideal hairstyle for work because it is easy to create and looks clean. The hair sits pretty neatly and fuss freely at the top. You will not have to bother about doing it again and again. Once you tie the top knot in the morning, you won’t have to worry about it until you return home. Also, it goes well with all office outfits from suits to sarees.

top knot2. Side Plait from the Top

If you want to be a bit creative and if your work space allows simple, yet fun hairstyles, then you can opt for this one. You part your hair to one side and start weaving a plait from the top on one side. This plait will continue till the end of the hair. It is an interesting hairstyle that will keep your hair assembled in one place neatly. It goes with salwar, saree or even western office outfits.

side plait from top3. Highlighted Waves

If you love to let free your hair, add some subtle highlights to pep up the boring look. Subtle coloured highlights will look fabulous with any type of outfit. You can just brush your hair and leave it free. This hairstyle is particularly for busy women who don’t have time for elaborate hairstyle sessions.

highlighted waves4. Messy Chignon

A messy or random chignon at the back of the head is an ideal companion for cotton sarees or chudidhars. They are sharp and neat even though messy. The chignon is easy to make and as it’s messy, it suits outdoor working environments too.

messy chignon5. Sleek Long Bob with Side Swept Hair

If you are a business woman who wants to look stylish and strong, you can opt for the sleek, long bob with your hair swept to one side. This is the ultimate hairstyle for all those working woman who wear business suits or formal wear. This hairstyle especially suits you is you have straight hair.

sleek long bob6. Side Fringe with Free Hair

Free hair is easy and youthful at workplaces. But, if you want to make it a bit more interesting, you can add a side fringe to it. The side fringe will add extra volume to the hair and make you look younger. It also goes well with any type of formal wear both Indian and western.

side fringe7. Sleek Ponytail

If you are a young working girl who loves youthful looks, you can opt for this one. The sleek ponytail will make you look bubbly and fun at the same time professional too. The sleek ponytail is perfect for professional women with thin hair.

professional hairstylesThese are some of the perfect professional hairstyles for working women.


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