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How to Wear Traditional Jewelry with Your Western Outfits – A Complete Guide!

Minimal jewelry teamed with western outfits is so last season. You know what is the current favorite? Wearing your traditional Indian jewelry with the modern western clothes. This may seem confusing or rather odd to hear. But when you team up the right accessories with the right clothes, the fusion look is just magic. There are many ways in which you can bring together the traditional accessories and the modern ensembles to achieve trendy fusion look .

indian traditional jewels with western clothesHere are some ways in which you can wear your ethnic jewelry with western outfits for fusion look :

1. The Large Earrings

The best way to mix up the old and the new is to use some really large ethnic earrings when you are wearing modern outfits like gowns, tops or dresses. The large earrings form their own style statement without interfering with the style of your clothes. The silver earrings go well with any outfit that you might wear in any colour. You can also use the golden jhumkas with flowing gowns.

traditional earringstraditional earringstraditional earrings2. The Boho Look

It is easy to wear large jewels when you are aiming to achieve the boho chic look. You can use silver pieces on your neck and ears while you are wearing denims, shirts, tops or even maxi dresses. For the boho look, pick traditional jewels made of silver, ceramic or stone. Avoid gold as it doesn’t give out the boho vibes. chokers are perfect for the boho look.

boho look

boho look3. Statement Neck Pieces

When you are wearing evening gowns, especially off shoulder ones, you can wear large necklaces. These necklaces will blend with the western gowns and will also be the highlight of the entire fusion look. Just remember to not wear large earrings along with the necklace as it will look over the top.

statement necklacesstatement necklacesstatement necklacesstatement necklaces4. Headpieces

If you want to achieve an entirely unique fusion look, then you can opt for the most traditional piece of jewellery, the maang tika. The traditional Indian headpieces will look absolutely stunning when you wear them with a casual t-shirt and jeans or even a short skirt with a top or a knee length dress. The maang tika comes in various sizes and shapes, so choose the one that suits your face.

maang tika with western wear fusion lookThese are some ways in which you can wear the Indian traditional jewelry with modern clothes.



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