Top 10 Gajra Hairstyles To Try This Wedding Season!

Gajra is a part of Indian tradition and women love to adorn their hair with gajra for an auspicious event or occasion. With changing trends, women have come up with different ways to decorate the hair with gajra. The speciality of gajra hairstyles is that it can transform the entire look into a traditional and ethnic one. It is just amazing how the decoration of gajra in different patterns can completely change the look!

gajra hairstyles

Top 10 Gajra Hairstyles To Try This Wedding Season:

1. Low Bun With Gajra

Low Bun Gajra
Low Bun Gajra

Deepika is a fashionista and when it comes to traditional look she nailed it with a messy low bun adorned with jasmine flower gajra. This is a classic bun gajra hairstyle to try!

2. High Bun With Gajra

rekha high bun with gajra

The high bun is trending these days and what better way to look traditional and class apart than to decorate the high bun with jasmine flower gajra. This bun hairstyle with gajra can make you standout anywhere!

3. Twisted Traditional Gajra

south indian wedding hairstyle braid with gajra

An easy and traditional way to adorn the gajra for an auspicious event or an occasion is to just twist the gajra all over the braid. This is a classic south Indian gajra hairstyle!

4. Netted Gajra

net pattern poola jada gajra hairstyle

With changing trends came the new style of decorating the braid. This beautiful netted gajra gives a delicate and unique look to any woman. This is a fantastic wedding gajra hairstyle to try!

5. Colourful Motif Gajra

colorful motif gajra hairstyles

Colourful flower gajras that match with the saree colour is a trend these days. Decorating the hair with different flower pattern motifs adds a modern touch to the traditional look. Another wedding gajra hairstyle with an ethnic touch.

6. Gajra on loose hair

sonam kapoor flower hairstyle

Is it that easy to look beautiful by twisting the hair in the front and decorating the loose hair with jasmine gajra as Sonam does? Now you know how to put gajra in open hair!

7. Web Pattern Gajra

Gajra as a Web
Gajra as a web

Gajra, when adorned in a web pattern, looks elegant as well as unique. This gajra decoration is apt for occasions and events. This low bun gajra hairstyle is just unique and eye catching!

8. Traditional Style Gajra

traditional south indian gajra hairstyle

Braid decorated with gajra in a traditional manner adds up to the beauty of any woman. Traditional south Indian style gajra which is easy to do and no need of an occasion to try this gajra hairstyle!

9. Combination Of Gajra And Hair Adornment

southindian wedding gajra hairstyles

A combination of gajra, hair adornment (Jada billalu) with flowers is a beautiful and unique combination. This combination gajra hairstyle is trendy and ethnic which makes it one of the best wedding hairstyles.

10. Gajra as Hair Clip

flower clip hairstyles

Gajra can be adorned in any pattern and style but to give a trendy touch try decorating the gajra as a hair clip on the loose hair. This is another way to decorate gajra in open hair.

Ladies, you have seen the different ways of decorating the hair with gajra, try these bridal hair styles to stand out anywhere.

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