Fashion Trends Tips to glam up plain sarees for parties!

Tips to glam up plain sarees for parties!

Most people think that it is not proper to wear a plain saree to parties. But they are absolutely wrong. You can wear a plain saree to any parties, but you must not wear it in a plain way. Pep it up with the blouses that you wear or the accessories. You will look your best when you wear a simple, plain saree to an event with a beautiful contrast blouse that takes all the attention.

plain saree ideas for party

Here are some ways in which you can brighten up your plain saree look for parties :

1. Colorful contrast blouse

A simple, one colored saree can look plain when worn with a same colored blouse. But, when you pair it with a contrast blouse, the look will change entirely. The contrast blouse can be of any bright color and pattern. Accessories like many bangles, large jhumkas and large bindi are what you must wear with this look.

contrast blouse for plain saree

2. Designer blouse

A plain saree is no good without a designer blouse if you are going for a wedding. Blouses that have lavish embroidery or handwork on them are ideal for grand events. This saree look needs festive makeup, antique jewelry and neatly done hair to make the look rock.

design blouse for plain saree

3. Full sleeves blouse

If the saree is simple, then wearing a full sleeved blouse that has prints or designs on it will be suitable. A super hit plain saree look is attained by wearing a full sleeved blouse that is the highlight of the outfit. Avoid any neckpieces or bangles as the blouse covers the entire neck and hands. You can wear a modern pair of earrings if you wish. But keep the accessories minimal.

 full sleeves blouse for plain saree

4. Modern blouse and waist belt

An off shoulder blouse with a waist belt tied around the saree is all you need to liven up the plain saree that you are wearing for an event. A shiny belt will turn the dull saree into something of the next level fashion. Make sure you wear fancy blosues that are one shouldered, cold shouldered or off shouldered.

different style of draping plain saree

5. Simple blouse and large neck piece

If you have a plain saree with a simple blouse, then you can add perkiness to the look by wearing a large piece of antique silver neckpiece on the blouse. This will add charm to the look. It doesn’t have to be only silver jewelry. You can also try wearing handcrafted jewelry of wood or tassels. Keep the makeup minimal by highlighting the lips with a dark color.

big neck piece for plain sarees parties

These are some ways in which you can brighten up your plain saree looks for parties.


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