7 Unique Ways to Wear a Saree and Carry It with Elegance!

A saree is a miraculous outfit. Not just because it is elegant and brings out your beauty, but also because it can be worn in too many fascinating ways. You can wear a saree to suit your personality, height, weight and mood. There are numerous ways in which you can flaunt your saree. In fact, you can wear your favorite saree in a dozen different ways each time you bring it out of the closet. We bring to you seven ways in which you can wear saree and look marvelous.

different ways to drape a saree
Seven Unique Ways to Wear Saree

These are seven simple ways you can wear saree:

1. Double Pallu

One is never enough. Especially if you have a beautiful saree. You will want two pallus to look unique and interesting. This is a way in which you wear two pallus, one on both sides of the shoulder. It looks simple and elegant too. The two pallus are obviously different in their design and pattern, but go well with the saree.

double pallu saree

2. Waist Belt Saree

This is a very common style these days. All you have to do is pleat the pallu neatly and pin it to your shoulder. Then, on the pleated pallu, secure a fancy belt at the waist region. The belt should go well with the saree. It can be a mix and match scenario too.

waist belt saree

3. Extreme Shoulder Pallu

Bring the pallu to the extreme end of the shoulder where you want to secure it. The pallu can be pulled towards the shoulder in a lose way leaving pleats at the front. This is a fancy way to wear casual sarees to cocktail parties or modern occasions. Such kind of pleating looks good on chiffon and Georgette sarees.

extreme shoulder pallu

4. Pallu Entwining the Neck

Bring the pallu on the shoulder like you do normally. But from there, you surround it around your neck like it’s a scarf. This is a very casual way to wear your saree. Use this trick on cotton and nylon sarees that are easy to shape.

scarf style pallu drape

pallu entwining the neck

5. Right Side Pallu

The pallu isn’t worn from the front towards the back or on the left side like it is normally done. You bring it from the back to the front on the right shoulder letting the edge of the pallu be visible at the front. To make it look clean, you can pleat the pallu neatly.

6. Saree with Dupatta

If you want to add something to your saree look, you can use a matching dupatta. All you have to do is wear your saree in the normal way and then put on a dupatta around your neck. This will look sort of modern and fun. You can also wear a contrast dupatta that falls on both your elbows surrounding your waist.

saree with dupatta

sangita reddy purple banaras silk saree

7. Twisted Pallu 

Simple, but makes a whole lot of difference. Wear your saree and while you are putting your pallu on the shoulder, roll it up and pin it. A twisted pallu looks chic and stylish. You can use this trick on sheer sarees.

wear saree with twisted pallu

These are some unique ways in which you can wear your sarees.

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