Fashion Trends Reasons Why You Must Prefer Handloom Sarees Just Like the Celebrities!

Reasons Why You Must Prefer Handloom Sarees Just Like the Celebrities!

Handloom is the latest trend in the Indian fashion world. Handloom sarees are especially preferred by stars who love to flaunt their desi side. These sarees are beautiful in look, touch and feel. They come in all colors and these days, there are patterns available too. You can find a spread of handloom sarees if you visit a shop. You can pick the one you like and style it like your favorite actors do.

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actresses wearing handloom sarees

Here are four reasons why you must wear handloom sarees just like the actresses –

1. Fashionable 

Though a cotton handloom may seem very simple, when it is styled properly it is the most chic wear that you can opt for. The saree can be mixed and matched with any form of blouse to get various looks. If you wear it with a matching blouse, it becomes formal. If you wear it with a sequined, embroidered blouse, it will look fancy and wearable to a function. And if you just wear a crop top or a random shirt over the saree, you will have an ultra-trendy look. No wonder we see actresses preferring to wear a handloom at fashion shows too. We see many actresses wearing the handloom sarees at several events like press meets, airports, movies, weddings, ramp walks etc.

actresses wearing cotton sareesactresses wearing handloom sareeactresses wearing handloom saree

2. Easy Going 

The handloom sarees are light weight and easy to wear. They are also easy to walk around in. they are super comfortable in the hot summer and can be worn everywhere to beat the heat. We see actresses wearing handloom cotton sarees at airports too, for their travels. This itself shows how comfortable the sarees are.

actresses wearing handloom saree actresses wearing handloom saree

3. Less Expensive 

The handloom sarees may seem very expensive superficially. But, when you think about it, they are not even half the price of the designer wears that you buy. The handlooms are affordable to all people. The price you pay is mostly for the work of the artisans.

actresses wearing handloom saree

4. Eco-friendly 

This may be an irrelevant point for many, but handlooms are ecofriendly and handmade. They have less carbon footprint and hence are preferred by most of the theatre artists and thoughtful actors. Also, it is a way to keep the tradition and culture of the country alive. By buying handloom sarees you will be helping the artisans to lead their life. That is the reason why we see actresses like Samantha Akkineni promoting people to buy handloom sarees by wearing them at various occasions.

actresses wearing handloom sareeactresses wearing handloom saree

These are some of the reasons why actresses prefer to wear handloom sarees. Shop handloom sarees online HERE!



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