Three Summer Trends You Must Not Miss!

Summer 2018 is here! While many people love the sun, water sports and holidays that come along with summer, people who live for fashion have something else to feel happy about. Every summer brings with it, new fashion trends that are inspired by the sunny season. This year is no different. We have some interesting summer trends that are here to stay all around the year.

summer trends india

Here are some of the summer trends that are making news:

1. Big Sleeves

Last year was about cold shoulders and off shoulders. This year, as a counterattack, all the absent shoulders are coming back with a bang. The 1980s trend of huge sleeves is what you must be wearing this summer. The huge sleeves are airy and comfortable in the heat. Dresses, blouses and shirts with large sleeves are ideal wear for this summer.

ballloon sleeves blouse with sarees big sleeves trend exaggerated sleeves trend

2. Raw Fabrics

This hot season, go native like never before. The natural linens, washed cottons and woven leathers all in earthy colors like creams and off-whites are what that will make you stand out in a crowd. These outfits are also a symbol of minimalism. They are not really expensive or luxurious, just what you need to up your summer trends quotient. While the cloth is simple, the designs can be bold and experimental.

summer trends india

3. Vintage FloralsĀ 

Vintage florals have always been in fashion. But this time, they are back in the summer to make your life colorful. They are straight out of the ’40s and ’50s and hence have that old world charm much needed in these dreary days. These floral sarees, dresses and tops are aesthetic and the best way to look beautiful in a summer evening party.

actress in floral sarees

The summer of 2018 has some unique fashion trends making it the most wonderful summer by far, even before it has started.

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