College Wardrobe Essentials For Freshers!

The board exams are almost over, thanks to the paper leak scandal for a few. It is that time of your life when you would start hopping from college to college and campus to campus to apply for an appropriate course and an appropriate alma mater. The only thing which matters the most at this time is the cut off percentages and which college can offer you the best courses. But while you choose the best course and the best college for yourself, it is equally important to create that special college wardrobe which would be your constant companion all through your college days and beyond. Yes, college is for studying but it is also important to look presentable in order to be presentable. Thus, all you cool freshers out there get ready to be accepted as the most beautiful looking diva this college season. Just follow the fashion trend of the town and customize it to suit your persona to look like the fashion rock star nobody can ever be.

perfect college wardrobe
College Wardrobe Essentials

So while you go for a Wardrobe makeover before your college, get these must haves in your new college wardrobe.

College Wardrobe Essentials:

1. A Pair of Well Fitted Jeans

Jeans is like water. It is a must have each single day and it goes along with each dish that we have. Similarly a pair of well fitted jeans goes along with almost all attires whether traditional or semi casual or casual. Also, these jeans would take half your stress regarding what to wear out of your minds while you concentrate on other important things about college.


college girls wardrobe essentials

2. Few Tops and T-Shirts

Jeans and t-shirts work well. While you can maintain the same pair of jeans, you definitely need few varieties of tops in order to give you a different customized look each day.


college wardrobe essentials

3. Few Cotton Kurtis

Since you start college in the hot and humid climate, you definitely need some cotton kurtis to give you that breeze of fresh air while maintaining that oh! So traditional look. 


teenage wardrobe essentials

4. Matching Leggings

While Kurtis do go well with the pair of jeans, some days are just meant to be completely traditional. Thus, grab a few matching pairs of leggings to go well with your Kurta Collection. Choose some neutral colors such as Black, Maroon, White, Brown and Beige which certainly matches with a lot of colors and patterns. (SHOP HERE)

teenage wardrobe essentials

5. A Good Quality Tote

Since you are out of school, you would definitely miss your school bag to carry things around. Also, in order to look classy and fashionable, buy yourself a good quality tote which is spacious enough to hold all your belongings. (SHOP HERE)

teenage COLLEGE GIRLS wardrobe essentials

6. A Pair of Cool Sunglasses

 Sunglasses are a must, especially in a country like India, where the sun shines all through the year. Sunglasses would not only make you look trendy but keep your eyes cool and protected too. (SHOP HERE)


7. A Pair of Good Quality Sneakers

 Comfort rules when you dress up. Thus you should definitely grab those good quality sneakers from a good brand to give you that comfort for the entire day. Remember, your legs carry you for the entire day, so you need to give your legs comfort so that they can carry you comfortably. (SHOP HERE)

teenage COLLEGE GIRLS wardrobe essentials


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