90’s Trends That Are Now In Style Again

You know the quote they say? ‘What goes around comes back around’. It can be literally applied anywhere! And for example, we can start with fashion. Yes! There are so many things that came back again from the 90’s and rocked the recent years and here is a list of the fashion trends.

1. The choker

The choker was one of the famous fashion trends in the 90’s. They were extremely famous and all the actresses sported them and they gradually made their way into the daily fashion of young women. Since the last couple of years chokers are trending and there are different types arrived in the section, like lace chokers, layered chokers, and jeweled chokers, all of them making your neck look pretty! They go with any western wear and that is all we need to rock them with our outfits.


2. High waisted trousers

Remember those high waisted jeans and trousers with those big belts which were very famous in the nineties? They’ve made a huge, huge comeback in the recent years. Although thankfully the big belts stayed back. And coming back to the high waisted jeans and trousers, along with being extremely stylish, they also hide our muffin tops so it is a complete win-win. On the top of all this, they also make your legs appear longer!


3. Off shoulder tops

You surely know how much off-shoulder tops and dresses are again, one of the major fashion trends in the recent years. Off shoulders and the chokers combination became a huge hit. Off shoulders were a big thing back then, and a lot of actresses, from Juhi Chawla to Aishwarya Rai Bachchan wore them all as it was a famous fashion trend back then. And to be quite honest, off shoulders are quite dainty! A case on point, Sonam Kapoor paired an off-shoulder blouse with a skirt and looked extremely stylish. 


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