Fashion Tips Makeup Tips Everyone Should Know About In The Winters

Makeup Tips Everyone Should Know About In The Winters

Winters could be quite problematic when it comes to makeup. Due to the inevitable dry skin, it gets very tough to ace your makeup. So here are the makeup tips you need to keep everything on point in winters.


1. Focus More On Skincare

You can’t really get a neat finish if you don’t have a proper foundation now, would you? So, invest more effort in your skincare and the makeup will turn out perfect without any glitch. Don’t skip the moisturizer at all. Oily skinned people can go for water-based moisturizer if they need to avoid excess oil. Dry and normal skinned people have a variety of options, with varying ingredients in their skin care products. Otherwise, you can go natural and use rich oils like olive oil, jojoba oil and almond oils for moisturizing your skin. Try home-made body butter if you can! And also, never ever skip sunscreen. It is just as important to apply sunscreen in winters as it is in summers.

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2. Choose The Right Products

Here is one of the important makeup tips for winter – never use the same summer makeup for winters. In summers, a lightweight bb cream is enough as we sweat more. But for winters, you need one that has moisturizing properties to avoid any dry patches. Lay off contouring and the baking techniques as too many of them can clog the pores. Keep the base natural and simple.


3. Eyes and Lips

Moisturize lips enough. Drink lots of water to keep yourself hydrated, to give the glowing skin and lips. Use lip balms frequently. Try going for creamy lipsticks instead of matte ones, as they could be very drying. And as for eyes, dark circles may be prominent due to the drying of the skin. So use a moisturizer and under-eye masks. Use a liquid concealer for the dark circles. Something like Maybelline’s Fit Me Concealer (BUY HERE). A creamy kohl and a couple coats of mascara will bring out the wintery beauty.


So, these are the makeup tips for winter, ladies. Go enjoy the warmth of coffees and hot chocolates!


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