Floral Sarees And How To Style Them

Floral prints are dainty and delicate. They look very cute on summer strappy dresses. Especially in the brighter colors like yellows and purples and pinks. Not only on them, now those floral prints look amazing on sarees too! And if you are wondering what to wear with your floral sarees, here is a guide for you.


1. Choose the prints according to your body type

There are types of floral prints. There are small, delicate prints that go hand in hand and basically are a blessing to petite beauties. When you’re petite and you go for bigger prints, you may look overwhelmed by them. And always only choose small to moderate floral prints because you don’t wanna end up looking like a floral bouquet. Do you? So choose the prints and patterns according to your body type. 


2. Go with the contrast colors

If you are wearing a bright pink floral saree, don’t shy away from going for a yellow colored blouse! Contrast-colored blouses go hand in hand with floral sarees. That being said, don’t go for bright neon colors! No matter how pretty they look on the mannequin, they’re quite risky to wear. Another tip while wearing florals is that never go for florals overall. Meaning, when wearing a saree that is floral printed, choose a plain blouse that is devoid of any prints to avoid any overkill.

actress in floral sarees

 3. Keep the jewelry and makeup to minimum

See, the floral sarees are the minimalist sarees. So keep everything minimal. Jewelry and makeup, both. Dainty jewelry and droplet earrings would look great. Thin bracelets and necklaces are cool too. Coming to makeup, highlight only one feature and coral lipsticks look better than the bold lips with the floral prints. Thick mascara and pink and orange toned shades will look great. 


Floral prints are amazing. Be it any season, any time of the year, they never go out of style. Get one piece for yourself and nail it this winter!

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