How To Revamp Your Timeless Kalamkaris

The timeless kalamkaris have been one of the most crucial part of our wardrobe. We all have atleast one piece in the classy fabric. Be it a dupatta, a saree, a kurta or a kalamkari salwar suit, we all love to flaunt the Indian art.

But if you are bored with your existing kalamkari sarees, dupattas or any kalamkari outfit then these simple inspirations will guide you on how to revamp your old existing outfits to new ones.

If you have an old kalamkari saree that you’re bored of then why not just turn them into the latest palazzo pants? Kalamkari bottom wear or minimal pattern out of the classic fabric will definitely make the fabric more versatile.

Kalamkari Outfits

Layered capes, culottes, stylish shrugs or even anarkali gowns look wonderful out of the kalamkari fabric.

Kalamkari Outfits

And if you are bold enough to give a whole new make over to the Indian art, customize an Indo western tunic. A stylish midi skirt or a super chic jacket to make the best out of the Indian art.

Kalamkari Western WearKalamkari blouses or kurta layers also make wonderful options if you want to add a touch of kalamkari to your ethnic ensemble.

Kalamkari Outfits

We strongly believe in the power of the Indian art and in the beauty of kalamkaris. The classic print has the ability to add royalty to any outfit. So, if you love the idea of incorporating the kalamkari in your everyday outfits, do not wait to revamp them. Instead you can also just invest in new fabrics and customize the interesting fabric to a variety of styles.


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