A Few Interesting Pieces Of Jewelry That Would Make Heads Turn

Jewelry just like beautiful clothes and great grooming is a head turner. It more or less completes your look, be it however minimalistic or showcasing the bling. While we say only certain pieces of jewelry suits certain clothes there are few pieces that we always reach out for and that in a broad spectrum will work with almost our entire wardrobe. Here are such interesting pieces of jewelry that would make people turn their heads.

Interesting Jewelry

What do you like best about a neck piece? That it should be rather heavy? Or should it be like a choker or a specific style? Well for us the motto is, it should suit the dress. Heavy ones in gold base for heavy sarees or those plain outfits you want to add a sparkle to. Trendy chokers if you are wearing some fusion ensemble and oxidized for the desi girls. These unique pieces are so alluring that it makes them a must have in your jewel box. Also the way temple jewelry has been designed for the taste of the younger generation is simply amazing. These pieces can be curated by your craftsman.

Interesting JewelryInteresting JewelryInteresting JewelryInteresting JewelryWhen it comes to earrings, my motto is the more fun the better. Danglers are a personal favorite. The chandelier jhumkas are so cool and so adaptive with any kind of ethnic wear. That apart, a good pair of jhumkas is a keeper as it is timeless. You can also try the umbrella style jhumkas. If you are not much of a earring person then these delicate hoop earrings are a must have.

Interesting JewelryInteresting JewelryInteresting JewelryHow much emphasis do we give to bangles? Mostly matching in metal or silk or glass and predominantly gold. All these kind of bangles in neutral colors of gold and wardrobe dominating colors can help us tide through. These pretty bangles have so much intricate things done on them.

Interesting JewelryInteresting JewelryJewelry right from rhinestones to diamonds is a girl’s best friend. Always keep in mind to pick unique pieces of jewelry that can be passed on.

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  1. I have liked a necklace, few earrings and few bangles. I couldn’t select the ones I wanted to buy. Pls contact me. I want them…


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