Trendy Saree Styles For The Trendy Girls

Saree drapes have been played around with for a long time. Based on the borders, fabric and occasion the draping of the saree differs. Also depending on the age. In the present era the girls actually love wearing the saree but they have added their own tune to it. Presenting some trendy saree styles for the trendy girls out there and all those who love a new style of drape.

1. Cape Sarees

An interesting addition to a saree you can add a cape be it short or relatively billowing after you drape your saree. These are really trending right now and you need to try this out. Try a sheer cape that matches your saree to complete the look. Goes perfectly with fancy sarees and evening events.

trendy saree styles trendy saree styles2. Fringe Sarees

Yet another trendy saree option, the fringe saree is a right mix of vintage and current moods. We are quite partial to Manish Malhotra fringe sarees. Fringe sarees can easily make you the star of the event without it having so much bling like your regular sarees.

trendy saree styles trendy saree styles3. Saree draped on skirts

Ok. If you are wondering how can a saree draped on a skirt look different well, this is more of a fusion of a saree and a half saree. You can use a fancy lehenga skirt and your favorite saree and yes you have a trendy saree option of the skirt draped saree. In fact this works well even on traditional sarees and not just the fancy ones.

trendy saree styles trendy saree styles4. Dhoti /Pant Style Sarees

This trendy saree style has been around for a while now with no way of going off the fashion radar. Opt for these styles of sarees if you are in the mood for something quirky with just limited things in hand. Add a fancy belt to spruce up things even more.

trendy saree styles trendy saree styles5. Saree Gowns

Sarees gowns are perhaps one of the earliest fusion saree ideas which is so red carpet and all glam. This is perfect for events like receptions while you can look chic and manage to run around without yards of fabric to follow you. Opt for saree gowns in soft fabrics for that fancy fall.

trendy saree styles

These trendy saree styles are being lapped up by the Gen Y at every chance they get. Try it out and you will surely know why!!

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