Cape It Right: How To Add A Cape To Your Outfits And Make It Look Great

In the recent past the cape has been making appearances and adding so much glam to almost all the outfits. So what is a cape and what is the frenzy behind it? Well if you want to trace origins we would say that, it is a Victorian piece of garment won over your clothes. So how does it become a fashion must have in the 21st century that too with Indian clothes? Well that is the cool thing about it. Lets see how to enhance some Indian outfits by adding a cape to it.

capes capes1. Cape Sarees

With a saree being one of the most ethic outfits adding a cape it to it makes it trendy outright. You can add a short one with detailing on the hems and go for an enhanced blouse. Opt for a sheer one to bring out the best of the saree.

Capes Capes

2. Cape Lehengas

A lehenga is exquisite. When you wear a cape on a lehenga it looks like a dupatta and enhances the overall look of the lehenga. For a lehenga you can go a long one, a short one or a something that spills out only from the shoulders. There are many options and all of it looks fab.

Capes Capes3. Cape Anarkalis

An Anarkali is an ever reliable dress. A cape with an Anarkali works well especially with the full length ones. Be it a floral cape, an off shoulder or a one side shoulder style it is a great addition to an Anarkali.

Capes Capes4. Skirts with Cape Tops

With crop tops and skirts being worn for a lot of events adding a short cape to it elevates the entire look of the ensemble. You can spice up the casual dress to a dress you can wear for a fancy event with just a simple addition.

Capes Capes

These suits almost all body types. Go for flowy, sheer options to make the most of it. This trend is here to stay!!

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