Fashion Tips 5 Weird Makeup Hacks That Actually Work

5 Weird Makeup Hacks That Actually Work

We all use various hacks while we are using makeup to nail whatever the look we’re going for. So, here we bring you the best five hacks we can use to get the perfection with makeup. Go and take a look ladies!

Makeup Hack 1: Turn a general pencil eyeliner into a gel one

We all agree on the fact that gel liner gives the best finish ever. The intense dark finish is what we all die for. So now you don’t have to rush to get that dramatic gel liner. Just take your general pencil eyeliner, heat the tip, which is the Kohl part and tada! You have your smooth gel liner.

Makeup Hack 2:  Red lipstick to hide dark circles

This brilliant makeup hack went viral. When you have those stubborn dark circles which refuse to leave, take a lipstick that is red (Orange works too). Apply it under your eyes and blend it properly. Once it is blended, you use concealer, blend it properly and finish it with the powder. It works like magic, really.

Makeup Hack 3:  Mascara instead of eyebrow pencil

This one sounds bizarre but do you know you can get better-looking eyebrows if you use mascara and draw your brows with upward strokes with the mascara? This makes your brows look more natural when compared to the eyebrow pencils.

Makeup Hack 4: Powdering your lashes before applying mascara

We all dream of those long lush lashes, don’t we? We used a lot of mascaras too, but none of them gave us those worth-dying lashes. So here is the hack. Before you curl or apply mascara, powder your lashes and let it settle for a couple of minutes before you apply the mascara. Powdering helps in giving you uber thick lashes.

Makeup Hack 5: Use concealer while overlining lips

Who doesn’t love those plump and full lips? Well, we all try to get that look by overlining lips, which can look quite tacky sometimes. In such cases, use a concealer on your lips as to hide your lip lines. You can now overline your lips without worrying about looking odd!



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