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The Perfect Kerala Sarees To Rock This Vishu

Vishu is the Malayalam New Year which generally falls on 14th April. Since we are already close to that time of the year we would love to give you the various “perfect” Kerala saree choices that you can wear on this beautiful occasion, whether you are celebrating the festival or joining your near and dear ones for a gathering on Vishu!! Kerala sarees are simple off white with a gold border. It looks beautiful with simple gold jewelry and teamed with either a same or a contrast blouse. But dearies the twist is how these sarees have now transformed from the perfect traditional way.

kerala_sarees_this_vishu111. Hand Painted sarees

Now the Kerala sarees have got so many makeovers. This seems to be one of our favorites and we have seen the who and who sporting this trend. Be it the Kalamkari style painstakingly done or a scene from a Kathakali dance or Krishna Leela these hand painted sarees cover them all. The best thing about these sarees is most of them are customizable and you can decide how heavy you want the art on your saree. You can do these sarees on the off white with a gold or even the sarees with a colored border.

kerala_sarees_this_vishu (6) kerala_sarees_this_vishu(5)2. Bejeweled Sarees

Now, some Kerala sarees are going OOT. Attaching jewelry or totally heavy embroidery like a peacock or a pattern of a heavy antique necklace takes these simple Kerala sarees to a different league. Thses are also quite in vogue now and if you are one of those OOT loving ladies, please pick this one up.

kerala_sarees_this_vishu (2) kerala_sarees_this_vishu

You can also try the heavy zardosi work done Kerala sarees which is perfect fusion style!!

kerala_sarees_this_vishu(9)3. Pairing It With A Fancy Blouse

Well, if you are not planning to buy a new saree then you might as well pair your existing Kerala saree with a fancy blouse. Anything from cold shoulder to sheer blouses works perfectly well.  Contrast blouses add more oomph to these sarees.

kerala_sarees_this_vishu(3) kerala_sarees_this_vishu(4)4. Go Traditional

If you are not ok with these then the best is to go totally traditional. The beautiful white and gold saree teamed with a contrast blouse with antique jewelry is the best way to wear the Kerala saree. If you are comfortable enough you can also go for the traditional set mundu or the two piece saree.

kerala_sarees_this_vishu(7) kerala_sarees_this_vishu(8)

Hope these Kerala sarees have blown your mind away and you have decided what to pick for this Vishu!!



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