Fashion Tips How To Style Your Basics This Season

How To Style Your Basics This Season

You know basics is where the fest is! Sure, dressing up is all good and cute, what with all the new styles around the block all the time. However, wearing designer clothes or wearing high end outfits may not be fruitful or appropriate all the time. Therefore, it is important to know and style your basics right. Lets see what we can do about it.

1. White basics

A crisp white button down shirt is the must have of the basics. You can always use it in multiple ways. To nail that perfect professional look, pair your white shirt with jet black trousers and add a blazer on the top of it to look like the girl boss that you are. You can also go with a knee-length skirt along with the blazer. For a casual look, you can always wear it with a pair of perfect fitting denim. Or you can always wear a pair of shorts on your vacation with knotting the white shirt above your navel!


2. Add a signature piece of yours

Take one accessory or style of yours, and make it your signature look. Be it those pom-pom footwear, or the metal neckpiece that goes with your casual clothing. Or a signature trench coat or a cardigan. Style your basics in your own quirky way and flaunt it to the world. Kohl lined eyes make you look pretty? Nail it as your signature piece. Or red lips are your favorite? Go on, master it!

basics-styling-with-makeup3. Have a pair of perfect fitting denim

A perfect pair of denim is more like a need. It will save you any day. You can always wear it casually with a tee or with an elaborate top. Put on a kurti on it and your Indo-western look of the day is ready! A pair of Kolhapuri chappal with it and you’re good to go. Who knew a pair of perfect denim can create magic?


4. Pumps are Compulsory

Pumps again, fall into the category of the must have basics. A pair of nude pumps are all you need. It can go with all the western wear like denim, dresses and gowns. You can also wear them with anarkalis and floor length traditional wear. Pumps for the win, ladies!



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