5 Clothing Hacks Every Girl Should Know

Hello, Lovely ladies! How is it going? So today, let’s talk about the usual problems we have with our clothing. Unless you’re totally in shape without any extra bulges at your waist or thighs, you probably worry about your clothing. So here are the clothing hacks you’ll need!


1. Invest in good undergarments

This comes first whenever you talk about clothing hacks. Undergarments that fits you perfectly is all you need. A wrong size bra will probably make you look all weird in whatever you wear. Therefore, this is your number one golden rule! Go to a lingerie store and get your size measured and take the right fit. Don’t be shy about it, girls!


2. Choose clothes according to your body type

You know different people have different body types so always buy clothes according to that. See if you are apple shaped, pear shaped or hourglass shaped. Once you figure out your body shape, you’ll be good to go!


3. Say yes to shapewear

Shapewear is a good way to flatten out any tummy bulges or thigh fat. This works really well with the western dresses. Especially with the skater dresses and the bodycon dresses. Therefore, invest in a good shapewear and you’ll thank us for this clothing hacks.



4. It is all in the colors and the prints

You know prints and colors also make a huge difference when it comes to looking good and making an impact. Don’t go for too big prints and neon colors. Most of the times they look awkward and out of the place. Therefore, Here goes the 4th of the clothing hacks, always go for medium and pretty prints like florals and indigos. Plus, they look cool in all of the seasons so it’s win-win!


5. Go Unconventional

So what makes you the fashionista that you are? Experiment! Even if you have the best wardrobe ever, styling it badly will not work at all! Therefore, go unconventional and crazy with the accessories and rock it, love!




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