Bridal Sarees Best Ever Green Kanjeevaram Saree Combinations

Best Ever Green Kanjeevaram Saree Combinations

Kanjeevaram sarees are never too many. You always need to have a few spare. Who knows when you might need it? From gifting to wearing it for a multitude of functions it is a must. A green Kanjeevaram saree, is a must have. Symbolizing the color of prosperity, a green Kanjeevaram saree looks best when it is of the following combos.

1. Green and Pink

A classy combination- a green Kanjeevaram saree with pink looks fabulous and this can be the combination of any shade of green and pink. Be it bottle green and deep pink or parrot green and bright pink. Both these opposite shades look fab when it comes together.

2. Green and Red

A very traditional combination, green Kanjeevaram with a heavy deep red border looks just perfect. Try to look for very traditional borders like the chakra or a thick zari border. If you are not looking for a heavy saree, then opt for a contrast red shade border without the zari. The combo still looks flawless.

3. Green and Maroon

Yet another traditional combo, green Kanjeevaram saree with a maroon border can never go wrong. Best choice for weddings and other traditional events. Team it up with temple jewelry for the complete effect.

4. Green and Gold

A simple and easy combination, this can also be tried as a bridal saree. A heavy green Kanjeevaram with zari all over with an equally thick gold zari border is a pure win-win for any bride who does not want to go red for her wedding.

5. Green and Blue

Two primary colors, when made into a combination saree looks really nice. A difficult combination when the body of the saree is green and the border is blue, but equally elegant as the vice versa combo that we find a lot, especially in the recent times.

6. Green and Purple/Violet

A unique combination green Kanjeevaram saree with a purple/violet border. This looks brilliant with a lime green or a yellow mixed green and also parrot green shades. Nowadays even for a plain green Kanjeevaram saree purple blouse is worn as a brilliant contrast. This is one such combo that would highlight the saree a lot.

For all these sarees, antique gold or temple jewelry suits better than diamonds. Add some flowers for the extra effect.



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