Indian Bridesmaid Fashion

What is a wedding without the beautiful girls in their beautiful clothes?? Especially the bride’s closest friends and cousins who are there around the bride are the most sought after ones after the bride. They know where things are kept, they help with touch up for bride and run around doing all the errands.  As cultures are evolving these lovely ladies have also started coordinating their dresses for the wedding. Here are some interesting bridesmaid fashion options that would not only look fab in pictures, but also make your fav girls look beautiful!!!!



Bridesmaid sarees have a huge range of options. You can choose anything which will match with the theme of the wedding or match it to the bride’s wedding outfit.  Remember to tone down the jewelry and bling and ensure you do not out do the bride. Be it Kanjeevaram silk or Banarasi or those heavy designer sarees there are plenty of varieties to choose from!!!

pattu_saree_bridesmaid_fashion banarasi_bridesmaid_fashion pink_saree_bridesmaid saree_bridesmaid


If your bride opts for a lehenga and encourages you all to do the same make sure that the colors do not clash. Have on a little lighter options than the bride and complement it with the right jewelry and make up.  A quick note for the bride here – Try to decide on common ground when your bridesmaids ask for your opinion on their clothes. Their choices and comfort matter too!!!

bridesmaid_lehenga lehenga_bridesmaid pink_green_lehenga


In India the minute there is a wedding we start planning a saree or lehenga to wear. As bridesmaids, if your bride wants you to decide on an Anarkali go ahead with it. The Anarkali has always been a regal option and with the right choice you will not feel dressed down. This is a great option for doing matching outfits for other ceremonies like the Sangeet too!!

bridesmaid_anarkali1 purple_anarkali__bridesmaid

anarkali_bridesmaid anarkali_bridesmaids

Funky options

For other ceremonies like the Mehendi and Sangeet you could also have your “pack” dressed in coordinated crop top and skirts or some equally fun outfits. They will definitely make a statement!!!



Bridesmaid dresses can be either the exact same thing or even just the same color too but with different prints and cuts. The overall effect still looks smashing!!


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