4 Ways of doing fringe the desi way

One sure shot way to add a whole lot of oomph to your outfits instantly is to add some fringe to them – it never fails! And yes, you can do the fringe on your desi outfits as well. In fact, it is an age old tradition to add fringe at the end of your pallu or dupatta. Apart from just that, here are four ways you can do fringe the desi way. Go on and check them out!

1.Fringe Sarees

While adding fringe at the end of kanjeevarams is the norm, here are a few sarees which are fringed through out the length of the saree. Fringed sarees aren’t just classy, there’s some inexplicable beauty about them…agree?

Fringe sarees Fringe sarees

2. Fringed lehenga blouses

Adding fringe at the neck of the blouses of lehengas or crop tops has been a huge thing during a season, and for all their beauty, this style has stuck around. These fringed crop tops by Manish Malhotra, for instance, add a whole lot of beauty to the entire attire.

Fringe lehengas

3. Fringed Kashmiri vests

If you love wearing all things Kashmiri, these Kashmiri vests with fringed ends are a definite must try, especially this winter. They look good on both western as well as desi wear.

Fringe Vests

4. Fringed Dupattas

Dupattas with highly fringed edges aren’t a novel thing, they’re been around since quite some time and are still a favourite with people who love all things ethnic. In fact, there was a time when the entire dupatta of a salwar kameez was fringed instead of just the edges.

Fringe Dupattas

Loving everything fringe? Think there are other, more awesome ways to wear fringe? Don’t forget to share your own fringe styling tips with us!


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