5 New kurti trends that should be tried out this season!

Ever since it has first been worn, the kurti has become one of the most-loved desi outfits there ever was. And with each passing year, plenty of new kurti styles are being made some of which are so beautiful that we just can’t not own them. Is the kurti your favourite desi outfit as well? You must then, check out these new styles of kurtis that are out in the market and then go on to own them!

1.The flared kurtis

A slightly flared ending to your kurti can give it a trendy twist to your kurtis making them good enough for parties and dos. Here’s how the flaring up of kurtis is done.

kurtis style 1 - flared kurtis

2. The asymmetrical kurtis

For all the urbane-ness and class they add to a kurti, the asymmetrical kurtis have been in vogue since the past one or two years and are still a hot thing.

kurtis style 2 - asymmetrical kurtis

3. The drape kurtis

Drape kurtis are definitely a must-try for all their novelty and ethnicity. Here are some of these drape kurti styles you should try out this season.

kurtis style 3 - drape kurtis

4. The slit kurtis

The slit kurti which has made its way from the ramp onto the roads is definitely a style of kurti that is to be tried out this season.

Kurtis with a slit

5. The jacketted kurtis

Kurtis with inbuilt jackets which are super-ethnic and regal are yet another kind of kurtis that cannot be missed out on. Major clothing brands like Biba and Aurelia have got a great collection of these jacketted kurtis that you should check out.

kurtis with jacket

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