Fashion Tips 5 Super Chic Ways To Style Your Kaftan Top!

5 Super Chic Ways To Style Your Kaftan Top!

There are many reasons to love kaftan tops and own a whole lot of them – they are super-comfy, pretty and we can style them up into just about any outfit that we’d like!


kaftan tops feat

If not worn properly, however, kaftan tops could end up looking way too baggy and a wee bit shabby.

Here’s our guide in how you can style your kaftan tops to make for some really chic and pretty outfits.

1.Team it up with a short skirt

To make a pretty yet, work-ready outfit of your kaftan, team it up with a mini skirt. Flowy kaftans and contoured tight and short skirts make for a really nice combination.

kaftan top with short skirts

2. With Shorts

To make a fun and chic outfit of your kaftan, team them up with shorts, preferably denims. The duo go along really well with each other.

kaftan top with shorts

3. With leggings

The norm has always been to team up your kaftans with leggings and this style never fails to work especially when your kaftan top is long. To add to it all, it is a really comfortable way to wear your kaftans.

kaftan tops and leggings

4. Kaftan with palazzos

It would seem like a combination that’s too flowy and baggy but when worn right, a kaftan and a palazzo can make for a nice style statement. Here are a few ways you can team them up right.

kaftan top with palazzos

5. Make a dress out of your kaftan

The best way there really is to wear a kaftan top is to make a dress out of it! Use a belt to add more charm to your kaftan dress.

kaftan dress

Got more fun ideas on how kaftan tops can be styled? Do let us know!


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