5 Kinds Of Desi Footwear That Can Add Plenty Of Ethnic Charm To Your Outfits!

As beautiful as an outfit might be, it can’t look its beautiful best if you don’t match it with the right shoes. And in the case of the ever-beautiful desi outfits like salwars, kurtis, sarees or lehengas, it is only an equally charming pair of shoes that can complement them. We have no dearth of desi footwear that can be a perfect match for your ethnic clothes…why, some of these footwear are so pretty, they could be the sole show-stealers of all of your attire! Ergo, take a look at all the kinds of beautiful desi footwear that’s out there for you to buy…

Desi footwear

1. Juttis

Juttis, the traditional Indian footwear that’s seen a major revival in the recent past is taking many pretty forms and shapes of late, with stunning work being done on them and with stunning colors in which they’re being painted with. The desi version of ballet shoes, the juttis are a must-have in your wardrobe just because they go along with desi as well as western outfits equally well and also because they’re that beautiful! (BUY HERE)




2. Holas

Made out of wood, holas are yet another traditional Indian footwear that’s being used quite a bit of late for not just their old-world charm but also because they’re super-comfy and because they’re eco-friendly in that no leather was used in making them. Need more reasons to get yourself a pair of holas?


3. Mojaris

A pointy modification of juttis, mojaris can be quite gorgeous when worn as footwear on flowy desi pants like leggings or palazzos. Thread work, sometimes mirror work and tiny little bells attached to a pair of mojaris’ can make them look all the more pretty! (BUY HERE)



4. Kolhapuris

Kolhapuris are among those desi footwear that’s made a serious comeback and how! With all the pretty patterns and designs that kolhapuris come in, they really are a wardrobe essential, to say the least. (BUY HERE) or (BUY HERE)



5. Desi Sandals

Some really pretty desi sandals are being made of late that are weaved into ethnic designs and patterns. Be it the mirror work on them or the subtle golden work on them, they all ooze a certain ancient Indian charm and hence, are great to go with your ethnic wear.

Desi footwear

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