6 Gorgeous Designs of Saree Gowns That You Should Own!

Over the years, Saree has gone through a whole lot of variations in how it was worn and what was made out of it. One of those recent, offbeat and super-trendy sartorial inventions that was made with the saree – the saree gowns are one of the best!

Dressy as the saree already is, the saree gowns are extremely dressy and elegant making them the perfect choice for red carpet attire. And this is probably why a  whole lot of celebs have been spotted wearing the saree gown a lot in the recent times.

saree gown collage

If you’re trying to get your hands on one of these saree gowns, we show you a few styles in which the saree gown is usually worn, for you to pick from.

1. Saree gowns with bodice blouses

Ever since the saree gowns have been invented, it has been the norm to wear it with a sheer bodice clouse with some gorgeous work done on it. Surely, it is one of the best ways to don the saree gown as it brings out the beautiful best in it.

saree gowns with bodice blouses


2. Saree gowns with regular blouses

Recently, saree gowns have also been worn with regular blouses. They look much the same as a regular saree, except that they are pre-pleated.

saree gowns

3. Lehenga Saree Gowns

It isn’t just the sarees that gowns are made out of, but the lehengas as well. The lower half of the saree gown, in the case of a lehenga saree gown, resembles that of a lehenga in that it is flowy and skirty without pleats.



4. Saree Gown with a reverse drape

Just like the saree can be draped from the left shoulder – a.k.a the reverse drape, a saree gown can be made to be draped that way as well. Kareena, Anushka and Kajol show us how pretty a reverse-draped saree gown can look.

saree gown collage 4

5. Saree Gown with a cape

Adding a cape to the saree gown (especially when the blouse isn’t bodice) can make it look gorgeous. The cape is usually made out of chains of metal, beads or lace. Here’s how you embellish the saree gown with a cape.

saree gown collage 5

6. Dhoti Style Saree Gown

Just like the dhoti-style has taken over the sarees, pants and skirts, it has been worked upon the saree gown as well – and the output was just perfect! Dhoti Saree Gowns can look and make you look absolutely regal.

saree gown collage 6

If you don’t own a saree gown already, it’s about time you shop for one and try it out for the upcoming festive season..!

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