Full Sleeves Embroidery Blouse Designs & Tips To Style Them

With the weddings and festivities round the corner, we all women look for latest trends in the market to flaunt stylish different looks. Saree being one of the most sought after attires, it is always good to experiment with different blouse trends to team up with your saree. There are many ways to experiment with your saree blouse, from the neck designs, the closure of the blouse, embroidery patterns and most importantly – the sleeve length. The sleeves of your blouse can play a major role in transforming you saree look. So today, we have picked different full sleeves embroidery blouse designs for all you saree lovers to make a comfortable fashion statement. Read more to know the tips and tricks to flaunt the full sleeves blouse and why you should go bold with them this season.

Full Sleeves Embroidery Blouse Designs
Full Sleeves Embroidery Blouse Designs

Full sleeves saree blouses are not easy to pull off. So there are many tips and tricks to

Gorgeous gold blouses that can glam up your sarees!

Be it a plain saree or a kanjeevaram or a cotton silk saree, there’s just one way that you can glam them up and that would be to team them with gold blouses. Shimmery and shiny gold blouses can without fail rev up the beauty of just about any saree and to add to that, they’re extremely versatile.

Choosing the right fabric that goes well with your saree and adorning them with mirrors, sequins, net or threadwork can work wonders. Here’s a gorgeous collection of gold blouses that are made out of many fabrics and patterns that should give you some ‘golden’ inspiration, literally!

Gold blouses

Sheer fabric when used right can make any blouse look pretty and that goes for gold blouses as well. Go sheer on your gold blouse and fill the sheer part with lots of work and that’s all that it takes to make your saree attire look stunning.

Gold blouses with sheer fabric

Mirrors and gold when combined, make for one really regal combination. High collared gold blouses can make your saree attire elegant too.

5 Kinds of black blouses that are a wardrobe must-have

A black blouse is one of those versatile pieces of clothing that goes along with nearly every saree that fills a desi girl’s wardrobe and hence is a must-have. They can be mixed and matched with traditional, net and silk sarees and sarees of most other makes adding their own sheen to them. Here are five kinds of black blouses that we saree-lovers must definitely own, for all their beauty and usefulness!

1.The brocade black blouse

A brocade black blouse can be mixed with a kanjeevaram saree, a cotton silk saree or even one of your plain silk sarees and goes really well with them all. If that’s not reason enough to own one, the fact that they’re that beautful must be!

brocade black blouses collage

2. A black blouse with heavy gold work

The high collared black blouse or the boat neck black blouse with plenty of gold work done all over it is yet another one of those blouses that we must own, for they can make party attire out of even the simplest of the sarees.

black blouses with gold work collage

3. The full sleeved black blouse

5 Ways to glam-up your full sleeved saree blouses!

If you want your saree to look elegant, no matter what make it is of, full sleeved saree blouses are what you must choose to team it with. For, there is nothing that can add glamour and class to your saree like a full-sleeved blouse, provided it is designed and done up the right way. And if you add those few little things to your full sleeved blouse like a puff it can rev up the beauty of the saree largely.

Ergo…we show you five ways in which to glam-up your full-sleeved saree blouses…go ahead and check them out!

full sleeved blouse designs feat

1. Add a glitzy high collar to it

Some of our celebs show us how to add a heavily worked upon, glitzy high collar blouse to make your full sleeved blouse look gorgeous.

full sleeved blouse designs with high collar

2. Add some chudi rings at the wrist

To add a definite elegance to your full-sleeved blouse, add some chudi folds to it’s edges. This in fact, is one of Sabyasachi’s favourite designs!

full sleeved blouse designs with chudi folds

3. Puff it up 

10 Trendy Full Sleeved Blouse Designs

This season, full sleeved blouses are definitely in. When you decide to go full-sleeved however, it is important to get them stitched with the right fabric and the right design so that they add that oomph and glamour to your saree. Here are ten full sleeved blouse designs that can help you with just that.

1. High Collar Neck Full Sleeves Blouse

Add a sparkly, fully embroidered collar to your full sleeved blouse. Sridevi and Deepika often pick the full sleeved, collared blouse also known as Maharani blouse and they show us how to look absolutely stunning and regal in it.

deepika full sleeve

sridevi full length

2. Collar Neck Full Sleeves Blouse with Transparent Neckline and Sleeves:

Going  transparent on your sleeves and collar is a great way to do the full sleeved blouse. Tamanna pulls it off with perfection.



3. Closed Neck Full Sleeves Blouse:

Make your full length sleeved blouse a high-neck. A high-neck blouse without a collar is still going to make you look like the queen that you are!


vidya balan blouse designs


3. Boat Neck Full Sleeves Blouse with Transparent Neckline and Sleeves:

Here’s how you can make your full-sleeved boat neck blouse transparent, and look absolutely fabulous, the way that Kajol here does.

kajol_boat Neck_net_blouse


4. Full Sleeves Brocade Blouse:

Brocade acts a certain sheen to your full-sleeved blouse. Team up your kanjeevarams with a brocade full sleeved blouse to add that glam factor to it.


brocade full sleeves blouse

5. Half and Half Long Sleeves 

Shimmer up the first half of your sleeve and go ethnic on the second half. The way that Shamili here does it is utterly gorgeous.



6. Mirror Work Full Sleeves Blouse:

Add some gorgeous mirror work through the sleeves of your full sleeved blouse. Nothing makes a blouse magical like mirror work does.

full sleeved mirror work blouse



7. Puff Sleeves Blouse:

Adding a puff to your full sleeved blouse is still in. To add to that, it makes you look like a queen or a princess from the time of kingdoms!

full_sleeves_saree_blouse_with_puff_sleeves long_sleeves_blouse_with_puff_sleeves

8. Long Sleeves Blouse with Lace Sleeves:

Lace up the sleeves of your full sleeved blouse. Lace is always in and classy. Priyanka and Kajal show you how to do it.





9. Backless Full Sleeves Blouse: 



10. Boat Neck Full Sleeves Blouse

susmitha sen saree



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