Summer style essentials for our last sunny days of 2020!

We are almost done with our summers, but if there is one thing that all of us can agree on, it’s that we can never get enough of flaunting our outfits for summer. But these hot and humid days are not just about the right clothes, it’s so much more than that.

summer essentials

So now that you have survived almost all these sweaty days, we have a few last minute essentials to add to your list. Make sure you have these, to get you through your last days of summer 2020!

Hats of all sorts

If you ask me hats are quite dramatic and will make you grab quite a lot of eyeballs! But these are some really stylish accessories that’ll also double up and protect you from those harsh sun rays. It could be a full blown fancy looking hat or a baseball cap that you’re looking for. Suit yourself and have a few, they might come in handy on a sunny day! (Buy Online)

Shades to keep you chill

I can’t stress enough about these beauties. Sunglasses in summers are a must, one should never leave the house without a pair of these. Let it be the bright car lights on summer nights or the Sun’s UV rays, wearing these will protect your eyes and keep them cool. Shades are available in a variety of styles ranging from aviators to wayfarers, pick the ones that work for you. Also these will add up to your style quotient so, no worries there! (Shop Online)

summer essentials shades sunglasses for summers

Shoes to cruise

Everybody has their personal shoes collection, that they are proud of! Well this is the right time to flaunt those pretty pieces. Along with the heat, summers also mean tanning, which is mostly hands and feet as they are exposed. Bring out your nicest shoes and save yourself from those extra salon visits for anti tan treatments! Right from your basic sneakers to fancy printed loafers, find one that goes with most of your outfits.

summer essentials shoes shoes for summers

Bags and handbags

Now we normally have a lot to carry while heading out, add summers to that and the list of things to carry just goes up! Right from sunscreen, lip balm, water bottle to sunglasses case it’s a lot of stuff. This is the right time to invest in good bags, we would suggest you to opt for a style that doesn’t wear you down. Like satchel bags and canvas/jute tote bags, these bags will have a lot of space and also don’t feel heavy to carry around. (Shop Online)

summer essentials handbag summer essentials handbags to go

Get that Umbrella

I know what you’re thinking, but Umbrella’s are so old fashioned! It’s really not that, agreed that it isn’t as convenient compared to the other stuff, but there’s nothing like it! These days we have mini bags sized umbrella‘s that are easy to carry around which are available in a wide variety of designs. So don’t hold yourself back from serving some suave old-school English looks this summer!

summer essentials umbrella

So it’s time to stop sweating it and start making it work for you!

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