For woman so classic: Unique collection of handloom products by Gaatha

Since the beginning of time, silk has occupied a significant position in Indian culture, especially in the South. The silk sarees of our country are famous worldwide.  As festivals come knocking and the rains cool down the earth, find the chance to align yourself with nature by wearing these bright silk drapes.

Gaatha Handicrafts’  aim is to bring forth the highest quality, handwoven silk products to consumers in order to ensure the continuity of this culture. The silk sarees & dupattas available at their website present a unique blend of traditional motifs and modern designs. These sarees are decorated with silver laden zari and bright colours. You will find a range of sarees all suited for different purposes- from elaborate functions to simple gatherings to daily usage- there is a saree for every purpose.

The softness of the silk and the durability of the material comes directly from the weavers, who put in their heart and soul into making these sarees. Wearing the sarees will allow you to find your own sense of fashion identity- be it feminine or bold, or a mix of the two! Head to their website now to find your own glamourous yet simple saree and truly express your inner goddess!

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