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How To Nail The Wedding Guest Look Just Like Our Stars!

One more wedding season is just over. But don’t worry another one is just around the corner. So, getting a few handy fashion tips from the season gone by, we have put before you some tips to nail the wedding guest looks perfectly just like our stars. You can imitate our stars and look your best at the weddings of your close ones.

best dressed wedding guestsSo, here are some tips on how to be the best looking wedding guest –

Pep Up the Saree Look

Wearing a saree is so normal at weddings. If you want to do something attention seeking, then you have to pep up your saree look. How do you do that? Wear a jacket on your saree, wear a fancy and loud blouse or opt for a statement belt on your saree. Just use something to make your saree look unique.

saree in different wayMake Your Sheer Presence

A sheer saree not just looks sexy, but is also easy to walk around in. it makes you look thinner and sensuous. Sheer sarees are especially suitable for night receptions and wedding parties. You can wear your diamonds or kundan jewels with a sheer saree. Keep the makeup glossy and minimal.

sheer sareeThe Silk Route

You can never ever go wrong with a silk saree. A Kanchi silk saree is the best thing that you can wear to any wedding. So, if you have not sorted out your outfit, bring out one of your silk sarees and wear it with a fun blouse. You will look just perfect like Kangana looks in this yellow silk saree.

silk sareeLehenga Goes A Long Way

A lehenga is your best friend when you are young, don’t want to wear a saree and want to attend a wedding. Lehenga is as festive as a saree, but is easier to wear and maintain. So, for all those who are not very keen on Indian outfits, you can opt for a fun lehenga without any dupatta.

lehengaAll That Glitters Is Good

What is an Indian wedding without any bling? So, bring out the bling in the form of your golden outfits. Glittery and golden outfits are very much suitable for a desi wedding. You will be a major attraction and your pictures are going to be amazing. Just don’t wear too much makeup or accessories as your outfit has all the glitter and you don’t have to add anything.

golden wearBe Unique

Sometimes, it is good to not follow any rule books. You have to look unique and different. So, as long as your hosts have set dress codes, do not follow the unwritten rules. You don’t have to wear a saree, a lehenga or only festive colors. You can wear a gown, a dress even black. Be unique and wear something that will make you look unique.

be uniqueThese are some ways in which you can look beautiful in a wedding as a guest.



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