7 Stunning Traditional Anarkali Suit Designs by Gaurang Shah

Do you love wearing anarkali suits? The fit and flare style adds a lot of grace to your traditional look and never goes out of trend. The elegant anarkali suits can be styled in so many different ways and can be instantly dressed up or down. Be it any wedding, festive or casual occasion, an anarkali ensemble will not let you down. Our super talented Indian designer Gaurang Shah gives us major inspiration on how to wear the traditional anarkali suit designs. So today we bring you 7 stunning traditional anarkali suit designs and how to flaunt them.

gaurang traditional anarkalis
Traditional anarkali suit designs

1. Gaurang’s Handloom Anarkalis with Kanjivaram Dupattas

We love how beautifully Gaurang Shah brings in the concept of mixing fabrics in anarkalis.  Plain and simple handloom anarkalis teamed up with contrast kanjivaram dupattas or pattu chunnis look extremely elegant. This evergreen style is so versatile that you can easily mix and match to create various different looks. Take a look at a few of our favorite anarkali and pattu dupatta color combinations by the designer.

gaurnag plain anarkali with kanjeevaram pattu dupattas
Plain anarkali suits with pattu dupattas
Anarkali with Kanchipuram dupattas
gaurnag plain anarkali with kanjeevaram pattu dupattas
Anarkalis with Pattu Chunnis
gaurnag plain anarkali with kanjeevaram pattu dupattas
gaurnag plain anarkali with Kanjeevaran dupattas Dresses with Pattu Dupatta

2. Anarkali Suit Designs with Ikat Patola Dupattas

Ikat patola dupattas are a must have in every Indian wardrobe. The royal look of the Ikat patolas is incomparable to any other Indian originated fabric. From sarees to dupattas, the Ikat patola fabrics define elegance and royalty. Gaurang Shah has elevated up the look of simple anarkalis by teaming it up with statement Ikat patola dupattas.

gaurnag plain anarkali with ikat patola dupattas
Floor length anarkali suit designs with Ikat dupattas
gaurnag plain anarkali with ikat patola dupattas
Anarkalis with Ikat patola Dupattas
gaurang plain handloom anarkali suit designs with ikat chunnis
Plain anarkali suits with ikat chunnis

3. Anarkalis with Banarasi Dupattas

We all love the banarasi trend. Banarasi sarees, dupattas, blouses, lehengas and other ensembles are most of our favorites and add a royal touch to our Indian outfits. Anarkali dresses with banarasi dupattas are a wonderful combination and do not fail to impress us.

gaurnag plain anarkali with banarasi dupattas
Anarkali suit designs with banarasi dupatta

4. Anarkalis with Paithani Borders and Dupattas

Paithani border and dupattas are a brilliant way to uplift the look of your anarkali. They not only make a statement to your anarkali suit but also allow you to accessorize heavily and easily dress up or down.

gaurang paithani anarkali
Paithani anarkali suits

5. Anarkali with Chikankari Dupatta

Aanrkalis teamed up with a chikankari dupatta are a perfect option for your casual and semi formal occasions. Chikankari dupattas are light weight and have the ability to balance out your anarkali look with it’s intricate embroidery detailing.

gaurnag red plain anarkali with chikankari dupatta

6. Gaurang’s Rich Kanchipuram and Patola Anarkalis

Gaurang Shah has inspired us to experiment with our timesless kanchipurams and patolas in numerous different ways. Anarkalis in these evergreen and vintage fabrics are a wonderful investment and look very royal at any grand occasion. Pattu anarkali suits are the perfect option if you want to skip on the sarees and look equally grand with the anarkalis.

gaurang traditional anarkalis
Pattu anarkali suit designs
gaurang kanjeevaram anarkali
Kanjivaram anarkali suit designs
gaurang kanjeevaram anarkali
Kanjeevaram Anarkali Suit designs

7. Kanchipuram Kalamkari Anarkali Suits

Kalamkari is one trend we swear by and can never get over it. Kalamkari art is every Indian woman’s favorite and you simply cannot miss out on flaunting them in your anarkalis. Wear your kalamkari suits with subtle dupattas or do it as a whole. With the right styling, anyone can nail the timeless kalamkaris.

gaurang kanjivaram kalamkari anarkalis
Kalamkari Anarkali Suit Styles
gaurang kanchipuram kalamkari anarkalis
Kalamkari Salwar kameez
gaurang kanchipuram kalamkari anarkalis
Kalamkari Salwar kameez designs

Indian art and fabrics look very magnificent and can be styled in endless different ways. Anarkalis are one of the best outfits to play with Indian fabrics and set a lasting impression.

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