Celebrity Fashion Raashi Khanna’s Super Stylish Hairstyles

Raashi Khanna’s Super Stylish Hairstyles

A hair-do is the most vital element in any look. A stylish hairstyle not only gives you a whole new make over but also adds a sense of completion to your look. Our actress Raashi Khanna never fails to impress us and also inspire us with her stylish and innovative hairstyles. Here are few of our classic favorites we cannot wait to share with you all.

Raashi Khanna hairstyles

1. The Stylish Half-Up Half-Down Hairstyle

With one of her recent contemporary looks, the actress donned a stylish half up half down hairstyle that included curls, a high pouf and a braid. This hairstyle is one of our top favorites as it is extremely versatile and comfortable at the same time.

Raashi Khanna Hairstyle

2.The Bold Curls

Well, we all love the bold curls and Raashi Khanna always nails it with great style. A side swept bold curly hair do with your western gowns are definitely for the win.Raashi Khanna Hairstyle

Raashi Khanna Hairstyle

3. Waterfall Hairstyle

The stylish waterfall hairstyle sported by Raashi Khanna elements a very vintage and graceful look. The braided do move around your hair in a waterfall pattern and hence the interesting name. This look is one of the best options if you want to let your hair down and be comfortable too.Raashi Khanna Hairstyle

4. The Side Swept Braid

The side swept braided hairstyle with interesting styles look very elegant. However, this style does not suit everyone but Raashi Khanna manages to make it work every single time.Raashi Khanna Hairstyle
Raashi Khanna Hairstyle
Raashi Khanna Hairstyle 3

raashi khanna hairstyles5. A Classic Hair Bun

A classic hair bun works beautifully on gowns and traditional sarees. Enhance it with mogra flowers or just simply leave it plain.

Raashi Khanna Hairstyles 11Raashi Khanna Hairstyle

6. A Wavy Ponytail

A pulled back wavy ponytail is another chic hair style to rock in this season. It goes well with almost every other outfit and is comfortable too.

Raashi Khanna Hairstyle 3Raashi Khanna Hairstyle 1

7. The Short Sleek Look

The short sleek hairstyle looks extremely stylish and instantly gives you a young look. Definitely not versatile but if styled well you can make a lasting impression.Raashi Khanna Hairstyle 2

So what is your take on Raashi Khanna’s stylish hairstyles? Would you happen to try out any of them? We are truly inspired by her looks and cannot wait to try them all!


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