Dhoti Salwars Tips To Style Dhoti Salwars

Tips To Style Dhoti Salwars

The festive season brings along a number of parties and events. But what gets harder is what to wear?! We all love to look our best and after all, who doesn’t want to leave a mark with their unique dressing style. So if you want to flaunt an ethnic look and yet look different from the rest, the trendy dhoti salwars will not let you down. They are super comfortable and suitable to every body silhouette. You definitely cannot go wrong with this one. So here we guide you with some tips and tricks to keep in mind while styling the dhoti salwars.

tips to style dhoti pants

Styling a fusion outfit is definitely not easy. Especially if you want to style something like dhoti salwars, the hard part is what to wear it with. The key to rocking the dhoti salwar trend is to wear with anything short and not long because you want the salwar to grab all the attention. Here we show you 5 different ways to wear your dhoti salwars with.

1. Peplum Kurtas

Dhoti pants and peplum kurtas make a wonderful combination. They create the right balance of drapes and the dupatta is optional based on your comfort.

Dhoti Salwars 1

Dhoti Salwars 3

2. Jackets

Dhoti Salwars add a very sophisticated look when they’re teamed up with buttoned up jackets. Do not wear a dupatta if you opt to team it up with the jacket to retain the bold fusion look.

Dhoti Salwars 2

3. Crop Tops

The super versatile crop tops can be teamed up with just about anything and yes, even the dhoti pants!
Dhoti Salwars 4

4. Kurtas

Dhoti pants make a fun alternative to your usual patialas and leggings. But always make sure the kurta is short to let the salwars make a statement.

Dhoti Salwars

5. Blouses & Shirts

Team up your dhoti salwars with stylish saree blouses and shirts to make heads turn. Shirts or saree blouses add an extra edge to the fusion outfit.

Dhoti Salwars 5

With the right styling and a pinch of confidence, the dhoti salwars have the ability to rock any occasion effortlessly. So go flaunt them in style!


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