Accessories Top 5 Handbags To Accessorize Your Sarees

Top 5 Handbags To Accessorize Your Sarees

The perfect look is not about just wearing the right dress.  It is about bringing the look together with the right accessories, bags and shoes.  When it comes to bags it is no more the boring big bulky bag that you have to carry everywhere. There are so many options of handbags for the different varieties of sarees that you wear. Here we go to familiarize you with the same. Checkout our list of top 5 handbags to accessorize your sarees..


1. Potli Bags 

You guys would have seen grandmothers saving up some coins, their betel leaves in this small bag that they could lock with the pull of a string. This bag has now been revamped into a “must have” and everyone should be having it, no doubts about that. The potli or the batua is a very cute and handy bag which works very well with the heavy sarees like the silk sarees. These are done in vibrant brocade colors with heavy work on them. Our suggestion to all you lovely ladies is ask your designer to match a potli bag for your saree. Match it to your attire and get them to do work on the handbag. You will totally stand out. Another suggestion would be to get a potli bag in gold and other primary colors. You can match all your sarees with only a limited number of these cute handbags.



ethnic_potli_bags_with_sarees potli_bags_with_traditional_sareepotli_bags_with_sarees

2. Clutches 

So, which handbag do we use when we wear a designer saree? Well, the answer is easy. You can carry a clutch. This is a sleek purse that comes in a variety of colors, sizes and shapes that suits your need. There are bejeweled clutches, simple mono tone ones and very fancy ones shaped like animals and birds.  These clutches are perfect for those soirees of cocktail parties. They are very opulent and stone work in the clutches will reflect the work in your designer saree and both will complement each other and in turn you get all the compliments!! Ideal colors that you should have in your wardrobe are a gold, silver and copper clutch. You could add a black, white clutch too to your lovely clutch collection.




3. Small Evening Sling Bags

These bags are absolutely adorable. They are these box bags which have a small gold handles to them that you can very daintily hang it on your wrist. These bags are more the bags of the evening and can be teamed with both traditional and the designer sarees. They are much suited for occasions like a formal dinner or reception.  Pick them up in neutral colors and the bling shades of gold and copper to add oomph to your style!!


4. Messenger / Cross Body Bags 

What handbag do you carry when you wear a cotton saree and are off to this big time presentation at work? Our pick for you would be the cross body bags. These are the sturdy bags in which you can carry everything right from your small bottle of water to everything you would need at work. Also these bags can be worn across you so you can keep tab of all the things. These bags are best when picked in formal colors of black and various shades of brown and believe it or not these bags would be the perfect match for your formal sarees. These are available in various sizes to suit your needs.




5. Jute Bags and Cotton Bags

For the environment friendly you we have an answer too. The jute and cotton bags are an innovation and these can be used to accessorize most of your sarees. In fact the jute bags are so in trend now that  it can even be carried around as your beach bag!!! Jute and cotton hand bags are available in a multitude of colors with embroidery and zari work on them. Girls who are into DIY could even make this your pet project and match your sarees with cotton bags of same or contrast colors. You can use them with all your casual sarees, during a day out or even when you do your regular shopping!!



Handbags make your look complete. Also you would be in control as you can carry all that you need in a small clutch or a potli or a sling bag. Try matching your handbags with your footwear. It creates a lovely impact!!


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