Tips To Flaunt The Edgy Dhoti Sarees!!

Who doesn’t love to get dressed in a saree?! Saree is one of the most graceful outfit and one can never go wrong in it. Be it any occasion, you can easily dress up or down in a saree. Draping a saree is an art and when you learn to master the art you can almost drape a saree in at least 100 different styles. Today we show you some tips to flaunt the edgy dhoti sarees. Dhoti sarees are of course draped differently but just draping it right is not all, you need to carry the outfit with panache and confidence to rock in it.

Dhoti Saree 1

When you choose to dress up in a dhoti saree make sure you go for minimal look and let the drape steal all the attention. You can make a statement with embellished blouses and funky accessories and grab eyeballs with your edgy look.

Dhoti Saree 2

Dhoti sarees make a perfect outfit for a mehendi or sangeet function and the simpler you go the more graceful the outfit looks. Experimenting with belts, maang tikkas and funky accessories will never let you down.

Dhoti Saree 3

Team up your minimal dhoti sarees with edgy jacket blouses and nail the trend in style. They not only give you a chic and sophisticated look but also make you look taller and slimmer. Isn’t that exactly what every woman craves for?!

Dhoti Saree 4

A good pair of lycra tights plays the key role in a dhoti saree and make sure they are well coordinated. Never add a striking contrast to your lycra tights as it is the drape that deserves all the attention.

Dhoti Saree 5

Dhoti sarees look best when they are worn with high heels as they enhance the beauty of the outfit. You can also experiment with different hairstyles to complete your fusion ethnic look.

This style is definitely not an easy one to pull off but if you do it right you are sure to make heads turn. So go ahead and nail any occasion in contemporary dhoti sarees.


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