Bridal Sarees Going golden : Golden Kanjeevarams to make you shine on your big...

Going golden : Golden Kanjeevarams to make you shine on your big day!

After the bright colored kanjeevarams and red kanjeevarams wwere a hot favourite with south Indian brides for the past few years, golden kanjeevarams have taken over them and are all the rage this wedding season. Brides seem to love getting wed in bright gold, and why wouldn’t they? It literally makes them dazzle on their big day!

If you’re planning on getting yourself a gold kanjeevaram silk saree for your wedding or just because they’re that gorgeous, let us help you in giving some inspiration with some amazing sarees we’ve collaged for you!

golden kanjeevarams

Pairing up the golden kanjeevarams with red or green heavily worked blouses is the norm, but matching them with a golden blouse can make them look equally stunning.

golden kanjeevarams 2

Golden kanjeevarams with a tint of white or pink mixed into them have been brides’ favourite picks this season. They not only look regal and stunning but also very traditional.

golden kanjeevarams 3

Rekha, the kanjeevaram diva has worn gold silk sarees of a whole lot of shades looking drop-dead gorgeous each time she did.

Rekha in golden kanjeevarams

Matching them with high-collared or full sleeved blouses can add much more elegance to them.

golden kanjeevarams 5

Inspired? Go get yourself a gold kanjeevaram before the festive season ends!



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