Trending Forever – The peplum Trend!

The peplum trend is back this season and this time it’s bigger and better! Enhancing your outfits with a dash of ruffles, frills and pleats is a huge rage. This trend just doesn’t seem to fade away and why would it? It is the perfect transitional piece and has the ability to disguise a protruding stomach and enhance the waist line.  The peplum fever is here to stay and we bring you 6 different outfits to enhance with a peplum.

1. Peplum Dresses

Bollywood celebs in peplum dresses

Peplum dresses is one of the safest and easiest options. A fitted peplum dress enhances your silhouettes especially the waist line giving you a taller and slimmer look. It’s the perfect outfit to camouflage your curves.

2. Peplum Gowns

Bollywood celebs in peplum gowns

We’ve spotted many celebrities flaunting peplum gowns with ease. A peplum gown can instantly make you feel like a glamorous diva ready to rock the red carpet. This modest and sophisticated look will never let you down.

3. Peplum Skirts

Bollywood celebs in peplum top with skirts

Peplum tops over skirts will be a head turner. The combination only demands confidence and you are half way there if you’ve got it. You can go with the peplum skirt or vice versa and the look will leave you impressed adding a very feminine touch to your look.

4. Peplum Tops on Jeans

Bollywood celebs in peplum top with pants

Peplum tops can be easily mix and matched with your jeans, trousers or even skirts. They add a playful look by enhancing your upper body.  And what’s best is there is hardly any need of accessorizing with peplum tops as the peplum does all the talking.

5. Peplum Sarees

Bollywood celebs in peplum sarees

Now this is one look which is just not easy to pull off. The peplum on sarees transforms the feminine look to an edgy style. But, if you do this right you are sure to take this global trend to a whole new level.

6. Peplum Lehengas

Designer Peplum lehengas

Peplum blouses on lehengas add a graceful touch to your look. If you are conscious to show off your waist line, peplum lehengas are the way to go!

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