Sleeveless Blouses For Kanjeevaram Sarees

We all love to experiment with blouse combos with our sarees. Our traditional sarees like Kanjeevarams are our pride. We try out a lot more traditional blouses with these kinds of sarees. A puff sleeve or a brocade blouse is what we regularly go for. So how about trying sleeveless blouses with Kanjeevaram sarees? Yes we see your eyebrows go up now in thought!!

Sleeveless Blouses For Kanjeevaram Sarees Sleeveless Blouses For Kanjeevaram Sarees

Sleeveless blouses are a very interesting and trending alternative for regular blouses for Kanjeevaram sarees. Do you feel it will not do justice to your rich Kanjeevaram saree? Trust us on this one.  Sleeveless blouses can be equally elegant and enthralling. There are

Sleeveless Blouses For An Instant Glam Up Look

How easy is it to spoil the entire look of a saree with a bad blouse? Well it is one easy reason that your whole look gets ruined. You probably have not stitched the right style of blouse. When there are so many patterns available we understand the confusion you would be in to narrow down on the right choice. A word of advice. If you are confused of which pattern of blouse you need to choose and if the pattern you are trying to pick might just about ruin your look, go in for sleeveless blouses.

sleeveless blouses for sarees sleeveless blouses for sarees

Sleeveless blouses are not as “risqué” as you think it is. You can do it the way you want to. Opt for a contrast deep neck simple sleeveless blouse with piped edges and tassels for

Quirky and Offbeat Sleeveless Blouse Designs

Nothing brings out the beautiful best in your saree like pairing it up with artistically designed blouses. Sleeveless blouses have always been what most fashionistas have always loved as they don’t ever fail to bring out the very basic appeal of a saree – to add to the fact that they’re also quite trendy and chic!

Here are a few off-beat and quirky sleeveless blouse designs that you should try out for all their beauty.

These designs we’ve made a collage of are novel and a wee bit off-beat, but can make a saree look great.

sleeveless blouse designs 1

Latest Fashionable Saree Blouse Designs

saree blouse models
blouse designs
latest saree blouse 2013

Stylish saree blouses in gold color with trendy back neck pattern and beautiful tassels

Stylish Pearl Embellished Blouse

latest sleeveless blouse designs

Trendy sleeveless blouse with pearl work over the shoulders and pleated back with a brooch studded at the center by The Blouse Factory.
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