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Vijay Devarakonda’s Style Statement!

Vijay Devarakonda, widely known as the heart-throb of a lot of girls, gained fame for his good looks, ease of dialogue delivery and his unique style sense. Be it simple casual looks, bold prints, contemporary fashion or uncommon colours, he wears it all with applaudable elegance. Tollywood celebrity stylists Harman Kaur and Shravya Varma usually style him. Here are a few of his go to looks that make him look super stylish!

Vijay devarakonda's style

Bold prints Vijay devarakonda's style -prints

Prints are Vijay Devarakonda’s most often seen style statements.  As bold as he could get, sometimes he even wears printed formal suits with a plain shirt which makes him stand out in a crowd of hundreds. Printed pants and bold Shirts are also his favourite go-to styles.

Vijay Devarakonda’s Monochrome Style

Vijay devarakonda's style-monochrome

At more than one occasions,  Vijay Devarakonda was seen wearing single-colour (monochrome) outfits. For instance, be it baby pink, bright purple or simple grey as well, he can carry off this style with ease.

 Distinctive traditional style

Vijay devarakonda's style - Tradiitonal

Vijay Devarakonda’s style sense is unique when it comes to traditional fashion. He usually pairs up his traditional dhoti or a kurta with a jacket or a shirt, hinting at a more contemporary approach towards his traditional styling sense. 

Crisp formal style

Vijay devarakonda's style -Formal

Vijay Devarakonda defines the term ‘dapper’ in all of his formal looks. Generally for formal events like award ceremonies he wears perfectly fitted three-piece suits or neatly tucked shirts with oxford shoes. For instance, he was wearing Blazer with shorts for a recent interview. Style king!

Vijay Devarakonda’s own label-Rowdy Wear

Rowdy wear- Vijay devarakonda's style

In mid 2018, Vijay Devarakonda launched his own clothing label called ‘Rowdy Wear’. This label makes everything for men ranging from casual T-shirts to checkered lungis. Sometimes he wears garments from his own stylish street wear label for promotion.

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