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How To Select Eyeglasses That Flatters Your Face Shape

Choosing the best eyeglasses that suit your face perfectly can be a daunting task. You often get confused when there are so many frames and shapes of eyewear to choose from. Eyewear should be chosen carefully as the right type of eyeglasses can add to your elegance and style. There is no point buying an expensive brand of eyeglasses if it does not look good on you. There are certain styles that suit a certain face type. Knowing what eyewear looks perfect on you will ease the decision making. It will help a lot the next time you buy a pair of cool eyeglasses.

SouthIndiaFashion through this blog looks at the perfect eyewear styles and frames that complement your facial cut and make you stand out.

Eyeglasses For Heart Shaped Face 

Heart shape face is pretty rare face cut. It is such a facial cut that is widest at the forehead but narrows down towards the jawline. If you have such a face shape, it is wiser not to pick very big frames. The safest choice for a heart-shaped face is a pair of cat eye frames or aviators. You can also try the classic 90s look. It includes more rounded frames or oval metal frames to give a bolder and attractive look.

Square Shaped Face

Square faces are extremely attractive facial cuts. These are proportional in length and width with a broad forehead, squared jawline and an angular face. Try frames that highlight your jawline, oval, round and slightly curved glasses soften your face angles and give a perfect look. Angular cat-eyes or square wingtips are also suitable.

Triangular Face

A triangular face is widest at the forehead and narrows down at your cheeks and further at the jawline. The frame chosen should be softer to elongate the forehead and give a balanced look to the wearer. Round frames will provide an interesting look at the angular features of those with such a face cut.

glasses for triangular shape

Oval Face 

Oval-shaped faces are the most universal facial cuts. It is slightly longer face and the length of the face is more than the width of cheekbones. Oval-faced people can pick anything from cat eye to rectangular to aviators or round as they all suit perfectly and give your face a balanced symmetry.

Round Face 

Round faces are attractive facial cuts. It has the forehead width equal to cheeks and jawline width and a very balanced facial cut. People with such a face cut can carry off the square, cat eye or rectangular frames. Another great option for such face cuts is Cat-eye frames with bolder colour options.

So, to conclude SouthIndiaFashion suggests you figure out the shape of your face in the first place. Next, pick up the best-suited eyeglasses. This gives you an edge when it comes to eyewear style.


    • Faces with more rawboned or projecting features, instead, would look best in a curved or ovate shaped pair of cat eye glasses. The avian cat eye shape will help to poise eclectic jawlines of quadrangular or triangle faces, while the round lens will unstiffen sharp features.


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